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  1. Welcome Party and Chat

    Welcome to The Internet's Safe Space! Introduce yourself and say hello here! 🖐🎉



    Literally anything goes. From cute cats and memes to PvP and travel. Get involved with general chat here.


    Got a dilemma? Messed up? Get if off your chest and ask our community WWYD?


    Rant, brag, whatever you've got to say about today/tonight.


    You're never too far away from somebody else with the same interests or Netflix binge.

    Memes, games, art, creative writing - however you express yourself creatively, you can do it here!

  2. Safe Spaces

    Got a question about coming out? Think you've met your bae? Talk about sexuality and the highs and lows of dating and relationships here ❤️🔥


    A problem shared is a problem halved. Get judgement free advice from people who just get it.


    Got something on your mind and need some advice or support but can't find the right forum? Post it here!

    No matter how isolated they make you feel, you're never alone. Get it off your chest here.


    Fallen out with a mate or having issues at home? Whatever the problem, we can help you fix it. 

    Feeling low about your appearance? Get it off your chest here.


    Discuss gender identity, expression and stereotypes here.

    Gender, disability, race, culture, religion, talk about all aspects of identity and stereotypes here.

    Lady Eclipse

    Whether you're freaking out over exam pressure or struggling to find ways to meet new people, anything education related can be discussed here.

  3. News, Announcements and Fun Stuff

    Official news, announcements, updates and competitions from the Ditch the Label team 🥳


    Technical Help

    • 208 posts

    Got a technical question about community? Maybe something isn't working as it should? Post about it here. Note: non-members can post here.

    Welcome to our AMA sessions! Your chance to ask your favourite celebrities, activists and personalities ANYTHING. Check back regularly for new AMAs.

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