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  1. I am a guy, and bi curious i guess. I have a lean for girls but also get attracted to guys once in a while. What and why is this feeling? It's really giving hard time to know what I actually want. Could someone please help?
  2. hello everyone!, i was searching on google if i am bi, took a quiz and the results said yes lmao i have been questioning my whole life about my sexuality i will make it short here. i am a woman, 21 years old. i have been attracted to women sexually ever since i remember, romantically and sexually attracted to men, the thing is i have never had sex before in m y life and for some reason men's downthere disgusts me (no offend to any men) but im okay with kissing and hugging and other stuff. a while ago actually there was a guy that i was so attracted to that i didnt mind even if we had sex, we did sex chatting alot and i liked everything about him, then somethings happened and we never got to meet, i wonder what would happen... i have dated 2 men in my life, the first one i dated for like 12 days and second one for 3 months, the reason why i broke up with both cuz they both cheated. i have never dated a women before but i have been attracted to some, not romantically but sexually, they just turn me on so much. i have never watched straight porn, just lesbian porn. idk what else to say but please can someone help me know really i am? not that it will make any difference but im curios..
  3. This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Sex
  4. I'm really confused and don't know if I actually like girls and feel attracted to them or if I just think they're pretty or jealous. Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to know the difference? I have a boyfriend do I can't really experiment..
  5. Hi.. So.. I came out recently as transgender... And you know I need help with understanding myself. Everything feels strange.. Like I'm my identity is part of a strange cycle. You see before coming out I was trying to understand myself and now that I came out I don't know whether what I thought before is write or wrong. Before coming out I was certaind that I am transgender but now I can't even seem to find the arguments I had before.. Like everything changed overnight... Maybe that's dysphoria.. Or my mom hating me cuz of being me... I don't know what to do and how to act ever since I came out I think.. "Should I act more manly now that I came out" Other problem is that I can't seem to find the right name for me.. At first I thought it was jax then my bestie said that it would be cool if it was han(which is cool but doesn't sound like me) and so I am begging you to help me choose a name as well... A name that describes a funny person who loves music and art..... Thanks in advance
  6. I've been having a hard time lately on a certain thing. I don't know if Im straight or not. I like boys but I also see some girls and think they're attractive. Idk what I am. I need answers or someone to talk to.
  7. I am 17(girl) and i have been confused about sexuallity. Till now , i have only dated guys and i have boyfriend too but i want to know my sexuallity. When i was 15 , i was attracted to a girl but i didn't knew that she was girl cuz she looked like guy , i don't know if i was attracted toward her cuz she looked like a guy. I also get turned on from lesbian porn rather than straight porn. I can also fantasize having sex with a girl and dating her and have no problem to marry her. Also i have been sexually attracted toward female's body . i am so confused , just someone help me .
  8. About ten months ago, I was diagnosed (unofficially) with depression and anxiety all of a sudden. It felt like my life was a spider web, and I kept getting tangled up in it. I was sent to doctors and therapists, but deep down I knew it wasn't helping. However, I've realized that there is a pattern to my mental state: I will be fine for up to a month or so, but then one day/night I will have a sudden anxiety attack. Along with my depression coming back in full swing. But I have learned to hide these things, appearing perfectly fine to those around me. I felt that it was easier not to worry people, because I didn't want my problems to become other people's problems. But keeping my emotions on lockdown almost drove me crazy. I slept less, nearly destroyed my eating schedule, wanted nothing to do with other human beings, and when people tried to talk to me, I would just snap. I felt horrible, but I also felt like I deserved this. Some messed up part of me kept me miserable. But then one day, everything was just...gone. I felt fine, and I couldn't tell if I was depressed anymore. I assumed all was well and carried on with life. But five months later, the same things started happening, but worse. It felt like there was a terrible weighing feeling in my heart, and it didn't go away. I got no sleep at all, only to be awoken by horrible thoughts and nightmares. But of course, no one knew this. I became so accustomed to acting normal that my emotions just disappeared, and I couldn't tell the difference between sad and happy. But the same thing followed - I woke up two weeks later, and everything was fine. Every few months or so, these things keep happening, but worse each time. This has happened at least three times already, and it doesn't seem like it will stop. However, this isn't completely without cause. In July of 2021, I started questioning my sexuality and gender. It was so confusing, and I felt like nothing fit. I spent a whole year and several months trying to figure out 'what I was', while dealing with my mental issues. I have figured out what I am and come to terms with that, but nothing feels right. No one around me will hear a word I have to say, and I am forced to be this normal girl with no personality. Names and pronouns are used as weapons against me, and everyone attacked me when I cut my hair short a while back. I am letting it grow out again - I am tired of my family sneering at me. Kids and adults calling me nasty things in public. I'm just so. . .tired of not wanting to fit in, wanting to fit it, trying to fit in, and getting nowhere. I don't have anyone to say this to, because I'm just afraid of what they will say. I feel like I'm making a big deal out of it. I can't look in a mirror without getting angry at myself because I'm not as slim or as pretty or as nice as I should be. As I WANT to be. My whole crisis has ruined those around me, and I am doing as much damage to people as I am doing to myself. I try. I am trying. I don't want to die yet...that's what I keep telling myself. But do I? I don't know. I can't fix me. Or this mess. I need to stay strong, but I am cracking. How do I get out of this??
  9. I'm a female currently in a long term relationship with a man. I've only dated men. I have been interested in women but my religion goes against it. I'm not sure how to navigate these feelings. I am unsure about my current relationship in many aspects and would like to date other men and possibly women but feel stuck.
  10. Hi! I'm new here. So, as of lately, I've been thinking about and figuring out my sexuality. I've also been curious and interested in what a relationship with a guy or one of another gender would be like. I think what made me start thinking about my sexuality more was when a thought about myself kissing a guy appeared in my head one early morning, and I thought it felt nice and comforting. I should also note that I'm open to and willing to give a relationship with a guy or one of another gender a try (I've been in a relationship with a woman before). So, I'm just trying to figure out what my sexuality might be. Any insight to this will be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
  11. Hey guys so for the past couple years I have had trouble questioning my sexuality. I have a boyfriend who I love for the past few years so I can’t experiment or anything. I think some girls are soo pretty and are hot. I think I’d have sex with a girl, but can’t see myself marrying one. Some say it’s just jealousy or like a deep admiration for one. After I first started questioning myself I found that I fit a lot of bi stereotypes (not that it matters, just made me question myself more) I feel like I for the definition of heteroromantic bisexual, but a lot of people in the community don’t like micro labels. Im not pressuring myself to label my sexuality but I feel like I’d feel better if I understood more of what it is. i defiantly like guys, I’m just unsure of the girl part lol. Any advice is appreciated.
  12. HAVING TO DEAL WITH MY SEXUALITY AFTER A LONG TIME (sorry about my english, i´m from Brazil) I have had a first trying of coming out when i was 15, i was confused because i was having a crush in one of my best friends at the time and i talked to a friend who i thought i could trust, but he threw me out of any closets i could ever be on for my mom and she find texts that i said to my girl crush that i was confused and i need to go for a little while (at that time i lived in a different city and i used to come to my hometown to visit my dad) and me and mom had this huge fight and she mentioned the texts she had caught and called me crazy and a liar and those kind of stuff, and after that i was even more closed about sexuality (i have never had a boyfriend/girlfriend or even kissed anyone yet, and now i´m 21). after that i thought i was just done with that, and that confusion was just a thing from the age. but i was completely wrong. in 2017 i meet one of my best friends till this day and by 2018 i discover myself having feelings for her as well, but because of the last time i never even said that to anyone (only one friend, who i think didn´t believed me at all) and i never even mentioned that to my mom or any of my others friend. back then i was a total wreck, my emotional health was done, i was about to enter college and dealing with my sexuality at that point was going to be even more painfull. so, i´ve kept this feelings in the locker for at least 5 years, but i didn´t knew that i have had kept those feelings deep inside of me. i think you all know, but this year with 21 years and loving myself more i opened myself for having a romantic relationship (the first one), and at the same time "heartstopper" was out and i saw myself, all of my confusions reflected in Nick and the way he deal with it inspired me to open this "door" (my therapist calls this part of me, the door i´ve opened it) of my own, witch brought to the surface all those feelings i kept for myself regarding my best friend. and after a month and some days i feel at ease talking about those feelings in therapy, but i can´t point out where i would put myself in (under what letters of the lgbt yet) but i´m taking things slowly and following my pace to it. but after these one month coming in touch with myself and thinking about my sexuality and rediscovering those old feelings for my friend i am coming to that time where i want to share to my mom about everything and sit with her and just say it, and i was also thinking in a way i could say to this friend how i feel for her and it´s been a lot in my head and i´ve been dealing with this "alone" (i have my therapist) and i wish i could have someone to talk to you know? this is all mixed up and confused but i feel like sharing it even tho no one responds <3
  13. This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Sex
  14. In the past I have questioned my sexuality, and came to the conclusion that I was just straight and just overthinking. Recently, I think I have developed a crush on one of my best friends, who is the same sex as me. One of my other friends, and the only one I have told about it, said I could be Asexual, or Demiromantic, as I have never had a crush before. I have taken lots of quizzes on it, and they have all said things like 30% Demi, 50% Demi, Aegoromantic, and Cupioromantic. No results came out as straight, but the tests aren’t always right so that makes me super confused. The person I think I have a crush on is Bi, but has a big crush on a boy. It makes me feel quite sad when she talks about him, and that just adds to the confusion. I really think the feelings are genuine, but I’m still unsure as to whether my brain is just making it up. Sorry if it’s really confusing to read- it’s the only way I could think of putting the feelings into words. Any advice would be appreciated ㋛
  15. I've always thought I was your typical straight guy, all my friends were straight and I went to a very heteronormative all boys' high school for a while, so we basically talked about girls a lot of the time. I used to look at other guys and imagine scenarios hanging out with them, or thinking they were attractive. I thought this was normal for ages but my friends gave me weird looks and disagreed when I finally decided to bring it up. As I got a little older, I started crushing on one of my guy friends and even had a dream about kissing him, which scared the shit out of me. I'd always assumed I was 100% straight - I've always had crushes on girls and my only ever relationship had been with a girl. I thought it was just a weird psychological kind of thing and ended up isolating myself from him. I tried to pretend us falling out of contact was a natural thing, but I don't think it was. I lost all my friends, and I convinced myself I was in the wrong. It was impossible to be social, I couldn’t be around them - around him - without my head swimming. I didn’t know what was wrong with me and I was scared. I moved to a co-ed school for my last year of high school, where the LGBTQ+ community was way more accepted. I found it really hard to make friends with the typical 'straight nerds' I'd been hanging out with all my life prior to that point, and ended up falling into a group of artsy students who were all part of the LGBTQ+ community. I didn't think I'd be able to hang out with them, as I didn't have much in common with any of them. The opposite happened. I ended up being 'adopted' into the group as their 'pet straight dude' and it was a really honest and rewarding relationship with all of them. They were very different than I was used to, but eventually that became a good thing, and I regret I only had a year to be… more honest with myself around them? I never asked them about my sporadic attraction to guys because at the time, I was still 100% convinced that was just a confusion and that I was very much straight. Recently I moved away from home in New Zealand to the UK: most of my parents’ family is over here, and I’m planning to go to university here in September. I recently found out that Netflix were releasing a show called Heartstopper that a lot of my friends back home in New Zealand were posting about on Instagram and recommending. I watched it the night it came out and it kind of… unlocked something? I’ve always been a sucker for romance, but this was different. Watching the first ‘kiss scene’ I was like ‘oh shit, I am a lot gayer than I thought I was’ and I don’t know how to feel about it. I haven’t had a relationship since the one time I dated a girl in Year 9 - nearly five years ago. Is this just a side-effect of not having a proper relationship? Am I just projecting this thing for guys onto myself out of loneliness? I still like girls, I think. I haven’t had an actual crush in two years, but I’m still attracted to girls physically. I’ve not told this to anyone I know. I don’t know where this has come from or where I stand. I don’t even know what this feeling is called! I don’t think I’m gay, but I am honestly not sure anymore. Just… throwing this anonymously onto the Internet in the hope somebody will read it, or maybe even help me understand what is happening to me. Also, Heartstopper is a fantastic show. I absolutely recommend it. Thanks in advance, Jeb
  16. Hi there, I’m new to the site but I’ve been reading posts for a while and decided to make an account and hopefully receive some advice for my own problem! I’m a 24 year old bisexual male - probably say I’m 75% gay and 25% straight. I’m not out, although a couple of friends know and are supportive. I think it’s all fun and games to date guys now and not chase after women, but I think I don’t want to end up with a guy when I’m older. I also don’t want to be alone either. So that leaves me with the only option of finding a woman I’m attracted to and trying to make a marriage and family work with her, even though I think my heart will never be 100% in it. Is this the right thing to do? Is it fair to the woman or even fair to myself? I just don’t want to be an outcast for my whole life so if there is even a slim chance of being able to live a straight forward life shouldn’t I go for it? I thought I would have figured this out by now but I feel like I’m just getting more stressed as I get older. Any help or advice would be really appreciated.
  17. Hello i am a very confused person right now as i have started thinking a little more than i usually do…I don’t know what my sexuality is. Part of me really wants to date someone but the other part of me feels uncomfortable with that. Part of me says i can date any gender the other part says i’m straight. I say that i’d date anyone but do i mean that? i honestly want to be bi or something but then i feel like i can never actually date anyone because the thought of it makes me uncomfortable and it feels wrong, but i really want to be able to date someone. i feel broken and i don’t know what to do. i know i don’t have to find a set answer right now, but i want to try and get somewhere with it. :(
  18. Hello! Im pretty old member of LGBT+ community (since i was 10) and I’ve only just started wondering if i might be aromantic. I just want to maybe get some stories how someone who identifies as aromantic figured it out for themselves. For me, a sign that maybe im aromantic, is that im not really good with emotions in relationships. Thinking back, after awhile i started treating my partners more as best friends than someone im supposed to be romantic with. I could see them being annoyed by that but i didn’t know how to change that. I still don’t. I want to feel romantic feelings but the closest I’ve came to of that type is what i create in my head. I love the person i create in my mind even if i know they’re not like that in real life. I love some traits of the person who im maybe seeing in somewhat flirty way but the other traits just ruin it for me. I’m pretty flirty with a lot of friends but when they express any type of serious romantic attraction i get scared. I don’t know where it comes from. If there’s any aromantic people here, could i get some kind of a little `how did you find out you’re aromantic`
  19. Hello everyone, I am new to this community and I joined mainly to hopefully find some people who struggle with similar things as me. You see, at the age of 13 I came out as Gay to my family. Thankfully I was blessed with an accepting family. After about 5 months I then said I was straight. It didn't end there though. because last year I said I was bisexual. Now just 2 weeks ago at the age of 23 I have definitely decided I am Gay. It is still hard for me to be aware of my feelings though, due to my Autism diagnosis and not being able to recognize what different feelings mean. Do any of you guys struggle with similar conflicts? I know I like girls I just have a hard time figuring out if I am in fact Gay. I hope I explained everything okay, I also have learning disabilities too that I can't explain things very well. If anything doesn't make sense please don't hesitate to let me know. :) -Kamy
  20. I want to come out to my family because I am a proud bisexual, but they are really homophobic, and I don't know how they'd react. Should I come out? And if so, then how? Helpp
  21. 7 Tips on Coming Out We know how difficult it is to come out, so we've partnered with some of our favourite influencers and LGBTQ+ icons to pull together 7 of their top tips on how to do it. Please know that you are never alone and our community is here to support and uplift you. Hope this helps!
  22. I almost started s/h a few weeks ago. I was in the kitchen, home alone, and I picked up the knife and it was so close to my skin. But then, I got a call from one of my best friends. She called me, I picked up, we started talking, and all of a sudden I forgot about everything except the fact that I had been brave enough to actually make a good friend. And then, I soon learned that I am the fastest person in my school. We had an entire grade long distance race (I won) and I also won the short distance by a landslide too. Rant because people said i was on steroids (I'm not even 13, what?) and a few people were basically acting like I cheated in running. I actually don't understand. But I have a bunch of friends and am pretty popular among the popular kids! I'm basically the kid everyone's friends with, lol. the rant part is, i've had a fever and missed so many days of school, like adding up to a week now, and my arm just started hurting and my throat as well. I'm stuck in bed and it's so annoying that i'm missing tons of work and stuff that I probably would get an A+ on under different circumstances.
  23. About two months ago i was talking to my friend on a call and suddenly had this weird tensed feeling and I cut the call. After that I started thinking am I a lesbian. But that term didn't quite settle down perfectly with me because I've ALWAYS been very attracted to guys and it's deep and this feeling keeps fluctuating sometimes I feel like I'm bi sometimes I don't. But bi also doesn't quite sit with me perfectly. And my honest opinion no offense but I don't want to be a bi or lesbian and I keep crying on the thought if I'm one I've never felt attracted to girl but then when I think about this thought of liking girls it's more like I believe it and keep trying to make my self attracted to girls and then the attraction to boys keeps decreasing slowly. But when I won't think abvout it at all nothing happens I'm not attracted to girls anymore and back on simpingfor guys. I really want to know what to do because there's a guy I have a slight crush on and I don't want to continue liking him with this doubt in my head feels very unfair to him. I'm not sure if it's a hardcore crush or just because he's nice and bold and ok ahem cute. I'm confused about how a crush feels too I really don't know anything. I've take alot of quizzes and read alot of article's. Many quizzes say I'm heterosexual. But whats with the this attraction with girls is it just a phase, sexual fluidity or what? Even when I was a kid I never felt attracted towards girl I just felt comfortable and friendly around them. Help me please ? 15 year old girl
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