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An area to share your emotional burdens without being judged . Everyone matters here and we are here for you ❤️
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  2. So I've always struggled with expressing or telling others how I feel, but I've noticed its gotten worse as I continue to grow older, it even affects my relationships with people since I just can't ever say I how I feel, I can barely even express how I feel on here sometimes just because of the anxiety it gives me at times even though I know this is a safe non-judge mental website. But I say I'm fine or alright so much when I'm dying inside & just tired of all the crap life brings my way, the ONLY reason I'm here still is because I'm trying to prove my younger self wrong & actually make it to 18. I just always feel like I'm annoying that person, which is probably gonna be hard to explain to future therapists- This was just a little rant so I appreciate whomever may read this TvT
  3. Hi, So I am a system too and somthing I try and do Is write alot on paper or draw out stuff. Some thing else I can do is I can talk to think and not by paper But I think it is Different for each system cause some people may just have one or two. I know someone who has 2 systems and someone who has 3. I have 4 but the others are both twins with each other. I think I have told you about Rosey and Rylan.
  4. I have a board in my room that has a inspirational quote on it and it says "When you got a dream,grab it and never let it go." - Carol Burnett. And when u do have a dream follow it and it might show u the way to ur next step in life.
  5. i think they're closely related to each other and you can be both at once. i personally always thought of it like this: social awkwardness is not knowing how to act in social situations, therefore acting "weird" by social norms, not getting social cues or getting them and not knowing what to do. being socially anxious means social situation give you anxiety and stress. they could both stem from each other as in, i am socially anxious - social situations stress me out - therefore i don't know what to do and i am socially awkward. or i am socially awkward, i don't know how to act in social situatial situations, therefore they give me anxiety
  6. i usually hide in a place without any people, like my room, use ear plugs or listen to music, and take my time. sometimes trying to sleep helps too
  7. Although I've gtg for an hour or two, when I return I shall comment on here! Ttyl ^^ (I didn't want you waiting for a reply when I was gone TvT)
  8. Damn, that teacher sucks @$$ at their job I hate when people (Mainly adults) don't understand ANYTHING a child or someone says, its so irritating especially if thats their damn job, like seriously? They should get fired in my opinion for being so close-minded
  9. She says that I use my autism as an excuse so that I dont get told off if I make a mistake. High school in yr7 a teacher was yelling at me and as far as I remember I just told her I have autism and my mum was pulled in because the teacher had made me cry and I remember being told off for misbehaving.
  10. & thats completly valid of you wanting people to understand that you have difficulty with certain things Also are you able to clarify a bit with the "play on my autism"?
  11. I know but..I shouldnt be struggling with basic tasks. My mum keeps saying that I play on my autism but I dont mean to if that makes sense. I dont play on it..I just try to make people understand that I have difficulty with certain things
  12. Its alrighttttt, I'm here to listen if you ever have any problems or just need to vent, I'm more of a listener than a commenter but I'll try to respond the most I can if u want We're speaking about your problems so please don't ever think your being a burden or making it all about you, because I'm here for ya Everyones struggles are mostly equal, yes some people have gone thru horrible things, but that doesn't mean you can't vent & find happiness
  13. Here I go again though, making it all about me as usual. God I feel so selfish. So many people have been through worse things than I could ever imagine and here I am wallowing in self pity.

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