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Anyone who is bi and is feeling like they are alone you have support
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  2. Hi my name is Janiyah I am 13, I am a sagittarius, I like art, I want to go to the Military, i am kinda shy getting to know new people I have ADHA, i am in the 7th grade
  3. I'm (insert name here) I like: cats writing drawing reading singing acting purple france music Olivia Rodrigo animal crossing boba japan andRAINBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWS. And mirrors.
  4. Hi I'm Gwen. I like: Reading Writing Track & field and volleyball Cats and rabbits and whale sharks even though im terrified of the ocean :) I want to travel to a bunch of different places someday(Fiji, Iceland, Switzerland, maybe France, Djibouti, Cyprus) I'm learning Spanish in school and French at home with my dad I also love playing guitar with my dad
  5. Hi, My Name is Tressa (just a nickname) and I love it to read, play Sims 4, go for a walk, watch Netflix and to simp for Rosa Luxemburg and Im from Germany and my biggest dream is to become an Undertaker.
  6. im veryyyyy late but im emnma! i like: plants reading staying up late hot pink glittery things (cliche i know) 2000s rom-coms (also cliche) food muai thai (if you know you know, if you dont look it up please its rlly interesting, at least to me) summer but only the days that arent really hot and sticky car rides with the windows down beach walks during the sunset/rise
  7. Hi, I am Addie I go by a.c its a funny nn. I like Smiley faces Doves Salsa (my ferret) dancing singing pop music stranger things LOVE GOLDFISH
  8. Hey Im Cadence I enjoy.... Art Hard rock animals gaming staying up late talking DND Food
  9. Hi! I am @sflowergirl I enjoy... acting reading (a LOT) doing art (of all kinds singing acting dancing...) I LOVE dogs I am an aquarius (feb 13 is my birthday) I sticker bomb everything I own that can be sticker bombed (putting stickers on things) I made my profile picture on dtl @sflowergirl
  10. I am Kassy A follower IG Reading, drawing, painting, etc....
  11. I am Apmoto the leader of this group who loves to write songs, write stories, and dance

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