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Anyone who is bi and is feeling like they are alone you have support
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  2. swiftie_am_i?
    ok thanks! my parents are very accepting (i think), they have taken me to pride parades and stuff but i js dont know how theyll react my friend is bi and i have good friends that are queer so i'll try this.
  3. Emberfrost12
    Start with people who you know are allies or queer themselves. Just be like, 'hey, by the way, I think I'm bi'. From there, you can use them as allies when you come out to people who may not be so chill. It's always good to have someone who can help you if someone isn't being nice about it. Once you've come out to your friends, you can start to come out to your family. Generally it's a good idea to test the waters if you don't know how they feel about queer people. For example, watch a tv show with queer characters, or mention that you saw a queer couple the other day, or anything like that. From there, you have an idea of how to come out to them This is just really brief, general advice if you're unsure about something more specific, please let me know. But lets start with step one: Do you have any friends who are queer or who are super chill with the queer community?
  4. swiftie_am_i?
    hi so i am bi but still in closet and dunno how to tell anyone... advice???
  5. Emberfrost12
    Hey Luci, I can understand how annoying that is. This is one of those difficult situations where there is really no way to stop them from doing it, but you have to remind yourself that it is both none of their business, and you will prove them wrong at some point. A lot of this probably also stems from the stereotype of lesbian/gay people using the bi label because they're 'scared to come all the way out'. It might help them stop if you actually recognize and address that stereotype directly, because it can stop the comments from where they've originated from. What do you think of that?
  6. Megs-
    Hi there, Luci. I am so sorry to hear this, I hear how much this is affecting you. Firstly I just wanted to say you have been very brave in sharing this with us so thank you. I am also very sorry that your friends are not accepting of you being Bi-Sexual. You are allowed to have interests that you feel comfortable with, and it sounds like your friends are not supporting you with that. I just wanted to let you know that we at DTL are here and support you, and you can be happy here and we’ll support you. You are not alone, hugs . megs xx
  7. luci
    my friends, mostly one specifically wont stop calling me a lesbian and none of my friends believe i like men too??? I've had 2 of my friends say they won't believe I'm bi until i date a dude and its driving me freakin crazy and every time I try to say it bugs me, they think it's funny that im mad
  8. Dark_wolf_girl
    So DO I can we be friends
  9. alex_the_chill
    im sorry for taking so long to reply sure lets be freinds
  10. Zaylee
    I can be your friend if you'd like.
  11. Olivia05
    No it’s fine I really don’t care…
  12. alex_the_chill
    sorry i know its personal my bad
  13. Olivia05
    It has to be moderated give it a sec
  14. Olivia05
    Yeah idc uhh on here I call him Z bc I don’t wanna say his actual name bc umm privacy and yeah…but it’s a freshman that I like/used to like idk and him and his friend A and my friend M, we’re all working on this project and the reason y Idk if I like him anymore or not is bc he barely talks or me so idk if I should give up to not…but yeah…just this freshman
  15. alex_the_chill
    my dad is good so far about to go to school, may i ask who the someone is
  16. Olivia05
    @alex_the_chill how is/was ur day?
  17. Olivia05
    Well I just got to school but so far it’s good…(just hopefully a certain someone isn’t at school today)
  18. alex_the_chill
    yes that would be nice and thx for your support
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