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  1. so today I was chatting with my boy space friend and my mom was like teasing me about it. I know she didn't mean any harm I told her that I didnt like the guy that I was talking to like that and she said... "whatever boy you end up with will be lucky to have you" …and yeah. So that makes it even more awkward to tell her that I am Bi.
  2. well... I used to be "best friends" with a girl since 7th grade and we became really close like sisters and as we came close to the time of our high school we became kinda distant I used to hangout with her and some of her new friends... most of them were hers. and we became a group of 4 girls . I always felt like I was in the group but I really wasn't ... I felt like I didn't belong there and I felt left out. I made 2 new friends who were from different schools and they are really nice... I really appreciate having them. It's not the fact that she became more close to her other friends I was actually pretty okay with that ... It's just the fact that she barely even talked like we used to... Now we're in our Senior year and we had a summer break last month ... she texted me after a whole month for homework... no hey! "how have you been?" and "what are you up to lately?" the text was can you send me the work? ... my kind ass decided to help her cause... "not bragging" I love to help anyone if they need it. So I sent her few texts about the assignment and then left her on seen which was not intentional... i was out at a cafe and was reading a book ... then I saw her text the other day she texted " you should have some audacity to reply back". those exact words made the the fire blew up that was settled inside of me for a couple of months i mean how can she talk to me like that! I don't owe her anything ... I knew my worth and i wanted myself to be treated right so... I decided that I don't want this friendship or whatever in the hell sake it was ... I was over it and I feel so much better . I just feel like i wasted enough of my time in one sided friendship... but i guess it was just a chapter of my life and there are so many other people in the world that I haven't met ...yet those might become the right one's that I need in my life.
  3. I am currently a college student trying to find housing for next year. the people i initially was going to live in an apartment with turned toxic and cliquey, so I decided yesterday to find other people to live with. This has been really anxiety inducing and a tough decision (though I know it's for the better). It would have been more convenient to live with those people because I already know all of them, but I know it wouldn't be good for my mental health. I put out a message on my school's social platform that I was looking for roommates, and I'm feeling restless because no one has messaged me yet even though it has only been two days. I have until May 18th or so to get a group, but the thought of possibly not getting housing is eating at my soul. I have also decided I don't want to be friends with two of the people in that group. I've had a feeling for months now that these are not my kind of people and they are too abrasive and negative for me. I want to distance myself from them, but I have most of my classes in common with one of them, we live on the same floor, and we have spent a lot of time together this academic year. How do I slowly reduce my time with them without making things awkward?
  4. Hello, first of all thank you for reading this, I appreciate that. So I have a good friend like 3 years now and it's maybe our last year together before high school, but all the time that we are friends I feel bad and sad, for example: when I came to school with short pants he told me that I'm an idiot and it's cold outside... I also wanted to make a YouTube channel but he said that I will fail, I have streamed a bit but stopped because he joined my stream and laughed at me... The problem is that he's shy and doesn't have much friends so I don't know what to do, this friendship needs to over somehow but I don't know how to end it... My motivation is down when I'm with him and everything I wanna do is always bad. Also when I was sick (covid 19) and he wasn't sick he told me that I'm weak... Another example is on winter, my hands was dry because of the cold and winds and his hands wasn't so he laughed at me and told me that my hands/fingers are weak. I'm asking the community to help me out please, everything I'm doing he's laughing at... Thanks for helping
  5. my social relationships are so unfulfilling and toxic that i feel like there's something terribly wrong and unfixable with me to be constantly attracting these people. my current roommate A hates me for unknown reasons. she hates me so much that she blocked me. i don't even do anything!!! we had drama involving my other roommate B (who had to move out for unrelated reasons) in which she never said what she wanted/never communicated that she had a problem with anything I was doing and then got mad and passive aggressive towards me because I didn't do what she wanted. A and i haven't talked in months. A didn't say anything when B got bit by a raccoon, she didn't say anything when she found B's stuff was suddenly gone bc she had moved out and hadn't told her. then A just moved all her stuff where B's stuff used to be. THEN i had a brief romantic affair with this guy who kept ghosting me and then started dating a girl he hung out with while we were together literally 2 days after i broke up with him. they've been together 5 months now. i have never had a relationship. pretty sure the guy just used me for attention, so i can't say any guy has ever been attracted to me either. the fact that he's able to get a girl so easily and the fact that A has so many more friends than me makes me feel like i'm just incredibly defective. like why are the toxic people in my life more loved than i am???? is there something wrong with me?????
  6. val

    friend drama

    hi so i have been friends with these 2 girls for 5 years, we've had our ups and downs but recently, around a couple of months ago, they said i make them feel bad and i always vent without asking and stuff like that. I obviously didn't know I did that so I apologized and changed for them. I liked who I changed into. I felt I wasn't so sensitive, I didn't jump to conclusions, I helped whenever I could. But the one girl didnt think so. Lets call her C. C said the other day i was a piece of garbage and brought up experiences from a couple months ago from when I was really judgy and bossy. She also told my other friends my 2 crushes while saying that I "thought the attention was always on me." Which I didn't. I hated attention on me. Loathed it even. And so I didnt say that because I was just in shock because she got so mad over nothing, like I didnt even say anything except ask if they were mad and she goes crazy and insults me. Keep in mind C is somebody whos incredibly stubborn, always is judgy, has absolutely no filter, and thinks she can say whatever and nobody will be affected by it. And me, I'm the quiet pushover who only wants my friends to be happy and do what they enjoy. But after she said that, she told one of my "friends" an experience i did that i regret (it was done months ago) and i dont know what else she said. I have no other friends so thats why ive stayed with C and I and I has always been so kind and caring and has been with me through hell and helped me through it, but her and C are closer than I ever was with the both of them. Ive always had issues with being left out in the trio and they always claim im mad when im hurt. What do I do? I have no friends when I go back to school and i told C she constantly manipulates me and gaslights me (which she does) and thats when she called me a piece of garbage. She has made "jokes" that hurt me, she's made me insecure about my body and what I'm wearing because shes so judgy, shes made me feel dumb on multiple occasions and has called me dumb, and had invalidated my feelings when i try to talk about them. But then she says i'm worse than her. But i know im not, but i cant be sure. Am i a bad person? My parents say im not. Same with my family and I. But C makes me second guess saying my opinion and saying how I feel, and she makes me feel like a horrible person. Also, C and I constantly back each other up and defend each other but they never defend me.
  7. I dont know if my friend treats me as a real friend. I trust her a lot and we call pretty often. But im not sure if she talks around my back and she does talk about others to me. I don't know if she also make fun of me in front of her friends. How can I try overcoming my worries?
  8. There is a classmate who behaves just alright when alone with me but makes fun of me and tries mock me often when in class or in groups. Her comments are troubling me lately, how to get her taste her own medicine in front of my class? I have a fear of disagreements and arguments , also I find myself on the urge of crying if a public disagreement happens.
  9. Niki01


    Hi I’m Niki , So I’ve been in uni for 6 months now and since the 4th week I have been sleeping with this guy on and off. We have never made any boundaries or put a label on anything and Ik he is still sleeping round with other girls. I have also with guys but not one nights stands just starting to talk to people and when I do I stop having sex with him ( tho we stay friendly and still talk). But every time I try and move on or stop myself I always end up going back there As we always go out in the same clubs/pubs. We get on really well and our personalities match, like all my friends say “there is an obvious connection”. A bit about him (J) - so J is 9 years older than me and lives just off campus, he has a reputation of sleeping around and he does drugs, which he knows I’m against and he appreciates my feelings and doesn’t do it when I’m around. J has gone through a lot of trauma similar to me. ( my cousin killed herself not long ago and his mate done the same 5 years ago) although he is also dealing with cancer and going through his last phase of kemo. J has a mask on in public he is perceived as one of the best lads on campus and has a big personality. Although behind closed doors I can see he’s struggling and he hides his true emotions. Every Saturday we go to karaoke in the local pub and he sings. And I mean he can sing, he has produced songs and albums etc. Anyways I just don’t understand what is going on between us both and I’m too afraid to ask incase he ends things cause I do like him and enjoy what we have now and I don’t want it to end although I don’t know what to do about the whole situation. We always end up going bk to each others all his house mates love me (I meet up with them without him ) and they always say I’m the only girl he has brought home multiple times as he always ends things after one night. But I don’t understand why cause he says he doesn’t want a relationship or anything. He also says when we’re laying in bed watching tv “don’t catch feelings now” and I don’t understand what he means by this is he waiting for me to admit there’s feelings or does he genuinely not want me to ? I’m just so confused and I don’t know what to do or how to go around it.
  10. So i recently turned 16 on the 31st of January and pretty much i am still the same. So i have a girl best friend. I came out to her last year, I was nervous, but she accepted me. So today when she said "I will make a great couple with one of my friends". I felt jealous, like free real jealous. I wrote my math test with those words replaying in my mind. I am bi and i tend to cry if i dont really know what i wanna do. Telling her will freak her out for sure, but it hurts to keep those feelings to me. Please Help
  11. I need help because one of my school friends got me hooked on Slipknot and now I have a slipknot obsession (i.e. Slipknot music and merch) and I was looking at some merch that I really like and in total all the stuff I want would cost me £489.37
  12. Hi.. I need your opinion how to deal with "occasionally" bully best friend. Whenever we are with new people or a distant friend group, she starts joking about me.. (like; how late im gonna be for a meeting, how my sense of humor sucks.....) She especially does that if there is a boy around she likes... (not to brag but i think that means she is threatened by me ). This friendship is 2 year old so i know when she is jealous of me (because she immidiately starts teasing me in front of people.) Like; She is making a tiktok for her summer memories and there is a ugly picture of me in every version she makes..... Thats our friendship......The current problem is there is an upcoming party with 10 more people (which im closer with). She already started joking about me in party planning text group. PARTY THAT I INVITED HER...... What should i do if she continues teasing me ? (I will definitely go to party because my another close friend and i planned it together)
  13. hey so I wasn't sure where to post this so it's going here! I was wondering if anyone wanted to chat and possibly be friends. I'm not currently at my usual home and there's a huge time difference so I can't talk to most of my friends. I like gaming, reading, singing, dancing, and a lot more so if you're into that stuff please reply! Looking for mainly 12-14 y/o
  14. A close friend began acting distant, if not resentful, towards me, a few months ago. An insult, eye rolls, the silent treatment ensued, and I kept my distance for a few weeks for things to mellow. Just as we begin to act somewhat normal again—texting, joking—she asks for my help: she needs an invitation embedded into an email (aka, composing an email, and dragging the image into the body). The invitation was for a party I AM NOT invited to, that she is hosting! She profusely thanked me for my help (though I’m sure anyone else with basic computer skills could have assisted with the task, like her husband!), and didn’t say another word. It’s too psychopathic for me to understand intentionally hurting someone—especially a FRIEND—so maliciously. I did not give her any reaction, because I believe she was provoking, but she does know I’m mad as hell based on my ignoring her (unlike me) & body language a few days later. She cowered away. Is a “friend” like her even deserving of my piece of mind? Or a discussion? It feels so toxic!
  15. Sometimes i feel like i am so selfish in the things i do and the things i talk about, i want to stop thinking of myself first I know it is sometimes healthy to think of yourself first, but i think it makes me a bad friend??
  16. Hey I came on here honestly just to make friends and talk with people like me . I found this platform because I’m low key bi-curious and apparently people use it to discuss sexuality so if anyone wants a chat about that , or anything really , then I’m up for it
  17. Hi, I am a college student, and when things were knew, when we didn't know each other, our college teacher made a group of 5 people, who were active in class in the beginning, the group included me. So I got close to this girl, we used to talk, but we didn't really know eachother as we had never met. Also I was kinda extrovert back then, now I guess I am not. So as time passed, I started feeling fake, with the group, I felt this is not me. I changed also, and I found new friends, with whom I connected more, related more and who were better for my mental health. And during this course of time, shit happened in my previous group and I got detached, but I was still connected with the girl I got close with, but then I realised that she was only good with me, otherwise she was not a good human being, she was fake, jealous and very competitive. But she stood for me, always. And lately, as we haven't been talking, like completely, neither of us text. But recently, as I got more marks in a college test, with my new group of friends, she kinda approached me. Now the issue is, I feel the friendship is done, it kinda feels toxic now, also she is not good with my new friends. And I am a overthinker, and I feel guilty about little things. So now, even when I am sure that I dont want that friendship, it still somehow makes me overthink that what if I am being a bad human being. See I know, I cant be a good person in everyones story, but I just get this doubt that am I doing bad to her. I know she has been there for me, and I have been there for her too, but then I guess how you treat others matter as well. So any suggestions what should I do ? And I guess we both know that friendship is done. Please help.
  18. poosheen


    hi everyone, im bi and my pronouns are she/her. i don't talk very much at school or in big groups so i haven't been able to connect with many queer people. i saw this link on a quiz site and im super bored so yeah haha! hopefully ill make a new friend or two and learn more about the lgbt+ community
  19. I often blame my feelings on being a teenager, but this time I don't think I'm overreacting. I have been friends with this girl since primary school, and we re-connected 2 years ago. We have been inseparable ever since, except in the past 3 months her behaviour towards me has been questionable. I always make an effort to support her emotionally, I am myself around her but she doesn't put in much. The most I get is a reluctant 'well done' whereas I hype her up feeling genuinely proud of her achievements, making me want to dumb myself down as to not look as if I'm 'smarter' than her. After leaving me out today, I left school feeling so awful and began questioning my own character. I don't think I have hurt her, I did ask, but im just mentally deflated. She is not in anyway a bad person: she is known well for being extremely kind to others. So why am I feeling like this? I would really appreciate advice on whether I should just continue as I am or re-consider my friendships? thanks
  20. I told the person I consider as my best friend that he is my best friend but his response was "You are a real brother". Does he hate being called my best friend? What does it mean?
  21. Is it normal for best friends to talk everyday? To share how we are doing almost everyday, on a regular basis? We are both males, have been friends since college and see each other like brothers. We are from the Philippines and our country is predominantly conservative. Most of the people here might view this kind of friendship as a deviation from what the society sees as normal. I don't if it's also true in Western culture. Thank you for your advice. God bless.
  22. I deactivated my social media accounts for almost two weeks now and the only way to reach me now is via WhatsApp. I have a friend and we consider each other as brothers from another mother and we are so close to each other. We talk on an almost regular basis about a variety of topics. I just felt anxious when two days ago, he stopped replying to my WhatsApp messages. He did not block me but it seemed like he uninstalled WhatsApp from his phone. Our last conversation was very good. I just did not know if I had offended him since I reminded and showed him the photo of his ex-girlfriend which I thought was just fine. considering that it was him who initiated the topic. Could there be any other reasons as to why he suddenly stopped responding to my messages? Is he avoiding me because I am becoming a toxic bro to him?
  23. It has been three years since I graduated from the University. During my college days, I am a popular student because of my academic standing. Back then, I had a lot of 'friends'. Of course, I knew how to sort out the real from the fake. Sadly, many of those whom I considered as real friends started to change. We no longer talk the way we used to do even on social media. Most of those friendships have faded. I guess only five of them did not change at all. I don't know but I feel like I was also partly to blame. Are my efforts not enough to sustain the friendship? Today, out of those five, it is my very best friend who has remained consistent. We chat regularly unless one of us is on board a ship where communication is an issue. Nevertheless, when we are on leave we talk regularly and find time for each other. For example, he even came by to help celebrate my birthday. We could talk comfortably about a lot of things. He was also my co-member of a Christian fellowship group in our University. I just don't know. Have I outgrown my college friends? Is it them who have outgrown me?
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