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A club for LGBTQIA+ people and allies to gather ❤️ #LoveIsLove
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  2. u can tell them first; if they reacted negatively say its just a nickname that u prefer and hope for the best that theyll use it
  3. today I told my best friend my preferred name and it went well, they made sure that they were using the correct pronouns. But I am am scared to tell my other friends but I feel like I am ready to tell them can someone please give me advise.
  4. How do you tell your parents your gay I want to but I don't know how to
  5. You can check out "Powered by rainbows" youtube channel. It might help you.
  6. Thanks for replying. I know I can’t change their opinion, or how they see the lgbtqia+ community, but I want to be able to not hide anymore. The only place I can really do that is school, because everyone knows who I am, and how I’m “that one trans boy” or “the gay kid”. Thanks for your advice!
  7. tbh theres not much you can do against their opinions; erasure is bad enough but surely its not as bad as being kicked out over it which is what a lot of homophobic families might threaten you with. coming out isnt mandatory; you dont have to if you dont want to; you can wait til youre of age to move out and freely be yourself then. but as long as your family wont cause you serious safety issues for being lgbtq i think its ok to come out? but be ready to bear any bigoted views they might have toward you tho
  8. I know the feeling! I'm questioning but know I'm not straight with very homophobic parents.
  9. I’ve already been questioning my sexuality and gender identity for about a year now, but I might want to try to come out to my parents soon. I really don’t know what I should do because my entire family, including my parents, are Hindus, and I’m an atheist even though I haven’t told them yet. I’m scared of coming out because my dad might be homophobic, and I don’t think I’m ready for my mom to keep telling me that “it’s just a phase”. What should I do??
  10. Thanks for the advice @MySchoolLesbianZ and @Books and Bi, I haven’t been on for a few months but thinking about it I do have a crush on my friend I really appreciate you guys replying, it helped me understand what I feel :)
  11. If u have homophobic parents but are part of the LGBTQ+ I understand that I do too!! It's not a fun thing...but remember, HOMOPHOBIA SUCKS!
  12. Totally isn't weird at all. I'm a lesbian, so I struggled with comphet for a while, and only recently did I realize what a real crush feels like. I would say that it always builds up, you don't just see someone and are automatically obsessed with them. Sometimes it might even take some time to realize that you have a crush on them. If you seem to always smile around them, blush around them, think that they're really nice and you overall just enjoy being around them, I would say that's a good place to admit that you have a crush. You sometimes might think that they look really nice, seem really confident, etc. You'll probably look forward to seeing that person and when you see them you want it to last. When you have to go or they leave or something your mood could sort of drop slightly. I would say that a crush makes you feel good and lifts your mood when they're around. It also isn't just a bit, it's every time you see them, and it could grow in intensity. Often times people will think about their crush a lot too, and it's pretty normal to overthink what you text them and how you act around them because you care about how they view you. I don't know how good of a description this is, but in my experience this is what to look for.
  13. ah heard of her before is she a lesbian or something? i dont remember much from the show
  14. we love em some good lgbtq rep in nonqueer media. take notes mainstream
  15. ok. i want to add my own. katie is canonically a lesbian and is in a relationship with jade from the mitchells vs the machines. in the movie during a video chat between katie and her family her parents asked her to invite jade over for thanksgiving since theyre official which heavily implies theyre in a romantic relationship already. the rainbow pin on katies hoodie can also be a subtle detail foreshadowing her lesbianism or it could be for aesthetic reasons because she likes rainbows; probably
  16. i think theres also a manga of a feminine enby that has been popularized within the lgbtq community which i forgot the name of but i think you can find it with enough digging
  17. we love em some good lesbian representation
  18. nonbinary rep is so scarce that there's not much to choose from, so i'd say raine (the owl house) or benji (i wish you all the best)! honestly, they're great characters, but i think that to an extent i'm only choosing them because they're the only enby characters i can think of

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