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  2. *inhales* Is the best way to describe my reaction to seeing the awesome tree you made i want to do that!!!!
  3. Thanks! I would like to draw the OC's (Original Characters) i have made as I love making characters and to draw them would be awesome but digital art seems more my thing than art on paper/canvas like my sister (she is too good at art) I like the art style from Avatar: The last Airbender as it is simple cartoony and has an element of the anime style i like! thank you for all of the tips, I will definitely download one of those asap!
  4. Hi I am bisexual and I am scared about coming out to my parents if anyone has suggestions that would be great!
  5. Today
  6. I always feel like something on my body is not perfect or beautiful.... I think I like my body but that's not enough. even if I try to follow the trend or act pretty and try to hide my insecurities. I still feel like I'm not good enough
  7. I think I'll start on youtube by myself, but if I find somewhere to do it with someone who knows what they're doing I'd definitely take the opportunity
  8. Yes, I have spoken to my doctor. He referred me to a psychiatrist. I went to see a psychiatrist today, he prescribed some medications, and had a sit-down with him. He figured out that I'm experiencing almost every symptom of depression.
  9. Abigail18


    No not really it’s either they all are two faced it doesn’t like me for no complete reason. The only time I can make new friends is if I move and I’m moving in a year to go to school so.
  10. No, I am currently not feeling suicidal
  11. Hi, Well before I didn't even wanted to say a proper goodbye to them, would it be a good idea to do a formal goodbye in this situation I surely would message separately if I was to do so however I do not know how. Would love to hear your thoughts on it. regards.
  12. Hey @Apples101 Welcome to our community. I think that it sounds like your friends are just trying to do their best to make you feel better, but I think that what you need is to just be heard and be able to talk about your feelings in depth. Listening is such a good intervention on its own, and I just want you to know that we are very good listeners here and you can talk to us whenever you like. I just want to check, are you feeling suicidal at the moment? I may be being overly cautious, but I just want to check after what you said about how you don't belong in this world. If you are feeling this way, please know that it's okay and that you will get through this. I just need to see if you're safe or not before we can talk more about what's going on for you. Speak soon.
  13. Hey, That sounds really exciting. Do you have to go somewhere to train your voice or do you do it yourself?
  14. Hello @Winston Thank you for reaching out to us here at Ditch the Label. I just want to check in and see how you are doing? It sounds like there has been a lot of change for you, and I hope that you're doing as well as you can be. Can I ask, what has happened to your brother?
  15. Hey, Okay, so yeah, you're thinking of going down the route where you are clear about the end of the friendship. It sounds good that you're already spending less time with them and rarely messaging. If you feel like you need to say goodbye for good and that it would be helpful, then go for it. I would personally message them separately rather than as a group as it can be difficult doing this kind of thing together because people can sometimes gang up in a way. What do you think?
  16. Hey @Melody K I think that they are all great ideas, especially the one about being in a new environment if you can. Could you potentially have a little trip away? I think it would be good to get some space from where everything happened, and yeah, hanging out with your friends would be good too. When we go through a tricky time like this, it can be easy to forget what it's like to be happy and have a good time, so doing all of those things will be good for you. I'm wondering, have you spoken to your doctor about maybe getting some help for the depression? If so, how did it go?
  17. Hey, Yeah, I totally get that. Just so you know, I'm LGBTQ+, so you can ask me questions if you like?
  18. Hey, Thanks for coming to us about this. The Q&A has now closed, but I'm more than happy to speak with you about this if you like. I guess that home is supposed to be our safe place, and when we feel like we don't belong there, it can really throw us off balance, so I totally get why this is difficult for you. How are you feeling about everything? I hope you're as okay as you can be, but it's also okay to not be okay. Can I ask, do you feel like you will be able to sort things out at all with your roommates? Also, are there any groups or other people that you feel more connected with?
  19. Hey, Thanks for commenting. How is it for you having autism?
  20. Hey, I saw your other post abut this, so I've replied there.
  21. Monsoon


    Hey there, I completely get why you are afraid of ending up alone, but this is a completely normal thing to feel when you are thinking of leaving a friendship group to connect with new people. Are there any clubs you could join? I guess it doesn't really matter if everyone knows everyone. Are there other people around your age you could hang out with?
  22. Hi! I'm Apples101 and I don't know what's wrong with me but sometimes I get suddenly sad and start thinking I'm ugly and that I don't belong in this world, I've tried asking my closet friends for help and whenever they try to help me by either saying that I'm not ugly or that I shouldn't hate myself so much I just don't listen, even if I want to I find it so difficult to believe them and after denying them over and over again I in the end just start crying and I'm really scared that one day they'll get tired of me and leave me. This happened today and I really don't want to lose my friends cause I feel closest to them and I really do love them so please help me
  23. Yesterday
  24. My new name is Echo I'm gonna go shopping on saturday with my sister, I'm gonna start training my voice soon, not sure when though, and the name change is coming on the 13th I think
  25. I made a tiny one and a half inch tall tree out of wire and beads
  26. Well in a situation like that it is impossible to know for sure but if you can tell us why ( if you know ) he is like that it might help us do our best to help you
  27. Thankyou for the welcome. Well at this point I was ready to do it openly but then they would again blame my gf for me leaving the friendship so me and her decided to cut them off at the slightest of inconvenience caused by them I already spend less time with them and we rarely talk on messages anymore now what is left is to say goodbye for good. Would love to hear your thoughts on this] Regards
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