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Together as a community, we stand united against all forms of racism and racial injustice. #BlackLivesMatter
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    No, Im not black but some of my best friends are and they make me smile every day! Even if my day was ruff I can talk out my day and possible cry and they always cheer me up! I do believe that all lives matter, some people don´t, but everyone is meant to be here. You belong here!
  3. Charlotte115
    well if ik the bf personally I'd probably tell him but I don't so I'll keep it to myself for now
  4. Monsoon
    Hey there, Ah, okay. How did it feel getting that message from her? Also, what do you think you're going to do now that you've found out about her boyfriend?
  5. Charlotte115
    well she texted me recently how she wanted to be my friend again. She didn't want to break up with her bf but I've also found out that she's now cheating on him
  6. Lillyx
    lit this for the mental health day yesterday
  7. Monsoon
    Hey there, I can imagine that that was hurtful for you to hear. How are you feeling? Did she say what she found hard in particular?
  8. Charlotte115
    She thinks that being my friend is just hard work so she decided to dump me
  9. Monsoon
    Hey there, I'm sorry to hear that you are no longer friends with them. Can I ask, what happened between you two?
  10. nickname
    lol yeah, I just don't have any time and my team either sucks or is way too good, to the point where it isn't fun to watch them utterly destroy everyone around them...
  11. Lillyx
    aww sorry. you have me yes,I just want to make sure people I am supporting I stay and in touch
  12. Charlotte115
    Hey lily, I'm ok just one of my friends is no long my friend and it's sweet you were thinking about me
  13. nickname
    ahhhh!!! okay, that makes sense, lol! honestly I watch far more basketball than soccer, which still isn't that much
  14. Lillyx
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