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A club for gamers to talk about well... gaming XD
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  2. BubbleGumm1
    FNAF it's a really good one and the lore to it is awesome!
  3. YourLesbainWolfz
    I used to play Roblox. it was so fun until my account got hacked
  4. Akuma
    I do, I just find those games fun, especially if I had a long day
  5. Ghost of Rain
    Huh, I haven't gotten far enough with Haley yet to see much of her character development (I'm still on my first playthrough) — my first impression of her wasn't very good, but I've heard she gets much nicer XD My favourite character so far is Shane, but I haven't seen much of the storyline yet for most of the characters (I've only managed to get ten to full hearts so far) so that might change- Huh, that sounds interesting! Do you like a lot of those kind of story games?
  6. Akuma
    My favorite character is Haley, I like her character development. twisted wonderland is story based game, there are mini games you have to complete. There is some fighting but you can put that on auto. It’s more a game for those who like to sit back and just enjoy a story.
  7. Ghost of Rain
    I love stardew valley... who's your favourite character? And I've never heard of twisted wonderland, what's that about?
  8. Akuma
    I like any games really but my favorites are omori, genshin impact, twisted wonderland, and stardew valley
  9. -Aussie-
    sorry i am just now seeing this but i like really any building games i have played a lot of building games and i like them all now for Pvp I just think they are really fun my favirote one is hypixel and MCC (there Minecraft servers)
  10. no one important
    Minecraft is always a go-to for me when i don't have anything else to play
  11. Ghost of Rain
    What sorts of building games? And I've never played a pvp game, what do you like about them?
  12. Ghost of Rain
    Yeah, I've never beaten Minecraft either. I don't play it very often (I've been using my friend's account, but since I don't have the password and after a certain amount of time it will automatically sign me out if I open it while online, I can only play it while disconnected from the internet, and also my computer really hates it). I wish I could get more into it, though-
  13. -Aussie-
    I like Minecraft, All Building games and pvp games. I will play on anything phone, Pc, Console
  14. no one important
    Mainly because I'm trash at most games. I have bad hand-eye coordination, so an FPS or a platformer isn't my thing. I do love Minecraft, but I've never beaten it.
  15. Ghost of Rain
    Nice! Why do you like those sorts of games?
  16. no one important
    personally, i'm a fan of danganronpa and ddlc (toxic ik) and i just bought omori the other day. what about everyone else?
  17. no one important
    I'm a visual novel and RPG fan. I enjoy games such as Danganronpa and Doki Doki Literature Club (toxic choices ik). I'm currently playing Omori, which I just bought the other day.
  18. Ghost of Rain
    1) What are your favourite games (on any platform), and why do you like them? 2) Do you prefer playing games on mobile, console, pc, or something else? 3) What's your favourite animation style to play in?
  19. Harper
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  20. albadpt
    I play ROBLOX and I’m really good at paintball and tower of hell and flee the facility
  21. IzzBizz9000
    In my opinion, Minecraft is so much better than Fortnite, you can do so many more things and it is SO much more enjoyable: yo can create so much! What's your opinion? (THERE IS A RED AUTOCORRECT LINE UNDER FORTNITE AND NOT MINECRAFT LMAO)
  22. Daisie
    Thought this might be a good thread to offer recommendations or good tips for people who are looking to upgrade, or buy gaming accessories. Such as headsets, joypads, controllers, gaming chairs etc. I would say my headset for PS4 is typically really good called Song Official Gold Headset (Wireless).
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