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  1. i want to date sooooooooooo bad, i have a whole plan for being lesbian dating with minimal signs and i will come out if i feel my relationship is going somewhere but i just really want to get out there! I should be old enough, and all my friends have dates or crushes and i have nothing. I want someone to love me and be there and we can laugh together. I that too much to ask?
  2. When I first started questioning my sexuality, I was 13, and felt very alone. I was too scared to tell anyone, not necessarily because I would face homophobia, but more because I was so worried that it was just a phase. I worried that I was only questioning because I had lots of gay friends, I was worried that I didn't have enough "evidence" to qualify for any label other than straight, and I was worried that people wouldn't believe me, and would think I was just attention seeking. And for a long time, I thought this was just me.That was until I found the Ditch the Label forum. After reading some of the chat forums and seeing how similar my thoughts were to others in similar situations, I realised that my crisis wasn't unusual, but rather something that a lot of young people go through. What I've learnt is that you don't need hard evidence to be a valid part of the LGBTQ+ community. You don't need to prove your feelings or attraction to anyone. On my way to accepting myself, I had to realise that both possible outcomes were okay; it would be okay if it WAS just a phase, and I turned out straight, and it would also be 100% okay if it wasn't a phase, and I really was bisexual. I eventually came to the realisation that I am bisexual (I realised that straight girls probably don't lie awake at night thinking about kissing other girls lol). Something that made me doubt my sexuality for such a long time was the fact that I couldn't really remember ever having been attracted to girls when I was younger. In a lot of stories I've heard of people realising their same sex attraction, people look back and realise that a friend that they were really close to as a kid...they maybe liked more than just a friend. But I didn't have any of that. This bothered me a lot until I realised that bisexuality can be as simple as realising your potential to be in a relationship with multiple genders. For me, I grew up in a very catholic family/school and didn't even know what the word lesbian was until I moved up to secondary school. I didn't know of any same sex relationships in my widespread family or in the media, I was not exposed to any representation at all. The option of being with a girl wasn't even open to me; I was taught that girls could only have platonic relationships with each other. So, moving to an all girls secondary school, and having lots of gay friends opened this option up to me, and I realised that I had the potential inside of me to be with any gender. I didn't have a moment when I was suddenly attracted to women, I just realised that I knew I had that potential (which stressed me out so much because I thought it didn't count).Everyone's experience is different and sexuality is FLUID. Maybe, like me, for you it was something that came when you were older. Maybe you can look back in your childhood and see examples of when you were attracted to the same gender that you didn't realise at a time. Both are valid! And you don't need to label your sexuality either, if you don't want to. That's okay too! It's all okay. You are valid :) <3
  3. I have been questioning myself for a long time already, but I have always tried to ignore because I thought I might not really be into others. But I don't underatand my feelings anymore and I question myself whether I like girls also or not. I know I am into boys, but I don't know how I feel about girls, I am not discomoforted nor bothered by the idea of kissing or going out with a girl. I mean, I might kinda like it? But I'm not sure whether how I feel is true or not.
  4. I am 17(girl) and i have been confused about sexuallity. Till now , i have only dated guys and i have boyfriend too but i want to know my sexuallity. When i was 15 , i was attracted to a girl but i didn't knew that she was girl cuz she looked like guy , i don't know if i was attracted toward her cuz she looked like a guy. I also get turned on from lesbian porn rather than straight porn. I can also fantasize having sex with a girl and dating her and have no problem to marry her. Also i have been sexually attracted toward female's body . i am so confused , just someone help me .
  5. Hi, so i've been feeling really sad lately because of all the homophobic stuff my mom and sister are saying. I keep thinking about what's going to happen when i come out, what if i get cut off completely... i keep thinking about the scenario that might happen and i wish i was just straight so that i wouldn't have to deal with this. I was really sure that my sister was an ally but she sometimes says stuff that comes off as homophobic and i'm not sure if she is. I really wanted to tell her about my sexuality and come out to her but i'm not so sure anymore. Everytime i see a person apart of the community have loving and supporting parents i can't help but feel jealous because i wish i could have that so i wouldn't be thrown away from my family when i come out. I really hate myself for liking girls why couldn't i just be normal... i've also been wanting to cut my hair for the longest time because it would give me so much gender euphoria but my mom is so against it and it's so annoying because every time i look in the mirror i just can't help but hate how i look i wish i had shorter hair... i wish i looked more like a boy. If only i was born a boy i wouldn't be dealing with this... me liking girls wouldn't have been such a big deal, i wish i was a guy so i would be accepted... but even if i was born a guy i would still like skirts and stuff and all the feminine things i like now. and just thinking how no matter what i won't be accepted for being who i am and it's so godamn frustrating because i just want to be myself and for everyone to accept me and love me no matter what. My mom loves me so much right now and she tells me that everyday but whenever she says that i just think of how she won't love me when i tell her what i truly am... would she accept me because she loves me ?? or would she be disgusted ??? I've been dropping hints that i'm not into guys and i'm not sure if my family is catching on... i wont tell them until i've moved out. I've thought of the idea of moving out with my future lover and then tell them but i don't know. I just want to keep it hidden from them forever. I really hope in the future i can just forget about this and live a happy life with my future lover but i know that's not all that possible with the world we live in. I'm sorry this was kind of a long rant but i needed to get it out because i really felt like crying and giving up on everything today... i searched up what to do with homophobic parents and stumbled upon this website, i'm really glad i found it and i will probably be ranting a lot more here
  6. Hey, i've been really wanted to cut my hair for the longest time to a sort of "boyish" haircut and my mom won't allow me. I've cut my hair to a sort of similar length before and my mom hated it. She would look at me with disgust and when we were walking home from the salon she started saying stuff like "you look like a boy, your a girl not a boy" and other stuff like that but i cant remember all that well because it's been a while. But that experience made me cry a lot, and of course my mom said she was sorry and started saying how beautiful i am to make me feel better. Which is so annoying because i know she doesn't think that way. A little while after i got that haircut she didn't care about it, but made the occasional negative comment on it. So maybe if i get this haircut she'll hate it at first, and then get used to it?? i hope so at least . But yeah she wants me to grow out my hair and whenever i bring it up to her or argue about it to her she settles on letting my cut it after my graduation from school. It's a step towards the right direction but now i talk about cutting my hair sometimes and she just flat out says no. Maybe she said she would let me cut my hair later to shut me up... can someone help me figure out how to get my hair cut with my moms permission? i honestly don't care if my mom hates it i just want to cut it so bad because it would give me so much gender euphoria and it would make me love myself a lot more. btw my mom is homophobic and transphobic (obviously) This is the haircut i want, i made sure to have a picture of a fem person so my mom could recognize that girls can still look girlish with this haircut. I didnt send this picture to my mom yet so maybe i should?
  7. Hi, I'm 14, I think I might be bi. I don't know what to do. I tried to ask someone in real life if it was bad but I panicked so I came here. Is being bi alright, I've heard people say it was wrong before does anyone mind clarifying?
  8. This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Hate, Trauma, Violence
  9. ok so i wanna come out, i already told my close friends but im thinking about telling my whole school (only when they ask tho) the siblings the parents??? most of my family is homophobic and i dont know if i should come out yet
  10. So i recently turned 16 on the 31st of January and pretty much i am still the same. So i have a girl best friend. I came out to her last year, I was nervous, but she accepted me. So today when she said "I will make a great couple with one of my friends". I felt jealous, like free real jealous. I wrote my math test with those words replaying in my mind. I am bi and i tend to cry if i dont really know what i wanna do. Telling her will freak her out for sure, but it hurts to keep those feelings to me. Please Help
  11. 7 Tips on Coming Out We know how difficult it is to come out, so we've partnered with some of our favourite influencers and LGBTQ+ icons to pull together 7 of their top tips on how to do it. Please know that you are never alone and our community is here to support and uplift you. Hope this helps!
  12. Kay_shiv


    I'm a lesbian, however I can definitely not tell my parents. I am having a tough time not telling them. Based on my interaction with a psychologist it feels like a bad idea talking to anyone. I live in a third world country and being a homosexual is not as accepted. I could use some advice on how to deal with all of this.
  13. This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Abuse
  14. Hi, Ive read your book and i’ve really been enjoying it. When i found out about this website i was super excited and wanted to check it out. i’ve been struggling with my gender a lot recently, and it’s been very overwhelming since i’ve just been starting secondary school. i know i’m young so i’m not really expected to be thinking about my gender or experimenting with it, but ever since i have been i’ve been super confused and anxious. i think im genderfluid but im also not sure. i came out to my parents as transgender (mtf) and im not to sure how they felt about it. ive recently got my period and it’s made me feel super bad about my body. im also developing boobs which i am not happy about. i know i don’t have to have a label just yet but i don’t like not knowing how i feel. it makes me feel very anxious and stressed about my body. can you give please me some advice?
  15. Every day i get online to play video games i get bullied... It's hard to ignore because it's almost everyone. I just don't know what to do about it.... everyone just tells me to ignore them but that doesn't help nor do anything... I just wanna be free without being judged but i can't. pls help me
  16. Hello!! My name is Jadon, I am 13 (nearly 14), gay, and headed to High School. Currently single, have never dated a boy but I have asked multiple guys out. One being straight (and would later on proceed to grope one of my friends boobs) and the other just didn't want a relationship (he was bisexual). I've had no luck in guys but I'm hoping it gets better in High School. I saw a bunch of possibly gay guys at registration so I'm just hoping for the best. I am out to all of my friends and family. By family. I mean the people I live with including my sisters (the little one is 7 so I'm probably gonna have to tell her again when she actually knows what gay means) and my parents. Right now, the most supportive person in my family is my big sister. She's 21 and has been the only one to address my sexuality in a good way. However my parents are a different story. My Dad is straight up homophobic. He says he doesn't care but I know deep down he hates it. He once yelled at me because I was posting selfies with the caption "Happy Pride!!!". He said stuff like "nobody cares about Pride" and "Nobody needs to know". "Stop acting all proud if you haven't told everyone". "There's nothing to be proud about". That's all stuff he's said to me. My Mom is slightly homophobic but she's still supportive. If I had to put my family on a scale based on homophobia, left being super homophobic and right being super supportive, my Dad would be on the left. My big sister would be on the right but not fully. She'd still be somewhat towards the left, and my Mom would be somewhere in the middle. I'm looking to tell my Grandmother but I don't know if she's homophobic. I think she is though because we were having a conversation about trans people and she kept saying stuff about how trans women aren't real women. So I already know she's transphobic but I'm not sure if she's homophobic or not. Anyways, that's me and that's my life so far. Thank you for your time and have a good day!!
  17. Hey! my name is Nathan! i’m a closeted gay guy from a very homophobic country in asia and my parents are very homophobic and very conservative. being gay is not really a thing here and it’s seen as a “sickness”. i love buying cute and feminime outfits online and hide it somewhere in my room because i don’t want my family to see them. i always get judged by my own family because of how i look and how i talk, and basically my whole appearance. once i dyed it my hair red, my mom forced me to dye it black or she’s gonna cut my hair off and so i dyed it black. and once i bought a colorful accessories she threw them out to the garbage because she said she hated me looking like a “girl”. and she forces me a lot to act “normal” or “masculine” and she basically hates everything i do. my siblings aren’t very accepting and they always call me with the F slur and they’re also embarrassed to be related to me. i always cry everyday and i’m mentally abuse. i can’t take it anymore and i always plan to runaway but i’m only 16. i don’t feel safe here anyone please help me.
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