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  2. Aurora
    I was just wondering if anyone has read this book? It's by Jandy Nelson. Would love to hear your thoughts if you have
  3. swiftie_am_i?
    Read all of those, they were SO GOOD
  4. Luie
    Heyy @swiftie_am_i?, I am Luie, one of the support mentors with DTL. Here are a few suggestions from my end: "The Mysterious Benedict Society" by Trenton Lee Stewart "One of Us is Lying" by Karen M. McManus "Holes" by Louis Sachar
  5. Aurora
    I just had a look at all your book recs. I haven't read the Hate U Give yet but it sounds really interesting. It's now on my list of books to read. I can see that they have also turned it into a movie. Do you know if that is any good? I read the Colour Purple a while back and thought it was very powerful, like you said. I thought the movie was good, too
  6. Unsure-But-Sure-All-At-Once
    Mm good question. There is a murder mystery series called Daisy's Tea Garden Mysteries which I read when I was probably in middle school and found they weren't too bad. If you're looking for chill murder mysteries that are slightly cliche and follow Daisy's (the main character) life, then that might be a good choice. The Mister Max series by Cynthia Voigt is mystery, although not technically murder. I enjoyed that series quite a bit. The Westing Game isn't too bad either...I didn't particularly enjoy that but I read it to see what it was like. The Blackthorn Key is another series--my younger brother in middle school really likes that one. Those are all that I can think of right now. Hope this helps!
  7. Unsure-But-Sure-All-At-Once
    Helloooo I've been gone awhile. Hellooo I've been gone awhile! I actually did end up watching the movie Dec 31st! I thought it wasn't too bad to be honest!
  8. Emberfrost12
    ooh okay I'll watch it
  9. Duckie
    It's not exactly a murder mystery, but it is a really good mystery book that I've read myself and really enjoyed. The Goldfish Boy - Lisa Thompson Lisa Thompson has made more middle school age appropriate mystery novels that have received good reviews, but I've only read the Goldfish Boy and I thought it was really good
  10. swiftie_am_i?
    any good murder mystery books for middle school (6-8th grade)
  11. swiftie_am_i?
    THE BOSAS MOVIE IS SO GOOD yes, def watch it!!! it wasnt changed too much so, yeah watched it
  12. swiftie_am_i?
    all alan gratz books are great if u havent read those.
  13. Unsure-But-Sure-All-At-Once
    Hi all!!!!!! I have some more book recommendations! -Every Variable of Us by Charles A Bush (LGBTQ+ and racism/islamophobia) -A Short History of Queer Women (non-fiction but absolutely hilarious--also definitely for older readers) -Coraline (the book is technically a children's book and the movie is way scarier, but it's an experience lol) -The Hate U Give (if other people have read it please tell me what you thought of it! I thought it was beautiful and sad and a great and powerful read!) -The Street by Ann Petry (also powerful) -The Colour Purple (ALSO powerful and sad and devastating but again, beautiful. Plus it has a lesbian main character who absolutely rocks with a quote when she compares men to frogs but I won't spoil--there's more context to that lol. All men aren't frogs) -Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (more LGBTQ+ . For people who've read it, what did you think?) -Circe (also pretty good. I know some people have other opinions though...what did you think, if you've read it?) That's all for now! Let me know if you've read any (or all) of these!). ALSO, has anyone seen the Ballad of Songbirds of Snakes movie??? I read the book and thought it was the best Hunger Games book, but not sure if I should watch the movie!
  14. vega
    Ok, recently have been reading more books with queer rep. Iron Widow- polyamorous rep Girls of paper and fire- sapphic romance (very triggering topics though) Tegan and Sara: Junior High- covers discovering your sexuality Even though I knew the end- Sapphic romance We are the ants- Found this one on a list of books banned in texas, those lists are full of jems Light from uncommon stars- AMAZING BOOK, ONE OF MY FAVOURITES, Sapphic romance and a strong transgender character. this book has aliens and deals with the devil and violins SO GOOD Sing you home- Sapphic romance and talks a lot about LGBTQ+ rights Youngbloods- Sapphic romance+ other queer characters, although they are only mentioned briefly Crier's war- THIS ONE IS ALSO REALLY GOOD Sapphic romance (enemy to lover, my favorite) Sara J Maas series, throne of glass has a bit of queer rep, the occasional same sex couple, and later a pansexual character, though two other main characters gave me a vibe, idk, but i've been hearing not so good stuff about the author, scared this might go down like "she who must not be named" Girl Mans Up- sound sexist, but is a goo novel about identity I'll add more as I find, some of these books deserve to be a lot better known
  15. Unsure-But-Sure-All-At-Once
    Ooh cool! I’ll check it out :)
  16. Morgan Rose
    ikr its great super sadly tho the main character isnt bi, shes straight, but the other main character Morrigan is bi and a couple other High Lords etc are pan or gay
  17. Unsure-But-Sure-All-At-Once
    That sounds super dramatic and cool :)
  18. Unsure-But-Sure-All-At-Once
    I haven’t read it, and hadn’t heard of it till now! I looked into it, and it sounds like a sweet story! I say go for it.
  19. Kermitik ._.
    Oh its cool that where is bi character. I have never found a book where the main character is bisexual..( but maybe call me by your name, but I didn’t read this should I??
  20. Shoemaker
    i dont think i would like that because i am not a big fan of fantasy but i love that there is a bi character in it
  21. Morgan Rose
    It's 5 fantasy novels. ""The story follows the journey of mortal Feyre Archeron after she is brought into the faerie lands of Prythian for murdering a faerie, and the epic love story and fierce struggle that follows after she enters the fae lands."" that's taken from wikipedia dont give me any credit :P theres a bisexual character who i love amazing overall but has some smexy scenes
  22. Morgan Rose
    i loOOoooOOooove the Court of Thorns and Roses series
  23. Shoemaker
    i love the inheritance games series
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