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  2. Read the book called you’ve reached Sam by Dustin Thao it’s a really good book so far and I started last night
  3. @-Marra- thanks I’ll see if I can check it out
  4. I need a new book to read. I like all types of books but i really like books about history.
  5. i just finshed a really good book. its called "The Language of Fire" By Stephanie Hemphil. its a book about history and its about Joan of Arc Reimagiend. its a really really good book if you like that kind of stuff it does talk about war and killing and kidnapping just so you know.
  6. Can someone recommend a good book for me? Because I don’t know what to read now that I just finished my book…
  7. Also just a warning there's kissing. And a bit of romance. Nothing explicit tho.
  8. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! You should read the cruel prince if you haven't already. It's a fantasy novel, so if you're not into that kind of stuff, I can suggest something else. :)
  9. can someone please tell me what book to read next
  10. I read the percy jackson series a few months back. Two of the characters are gay. However, the movies suck and the queerness comes in after the first five books. (there are fifteen books total, each part having a different protagonist.)
  11. I just reread The Hunger Games, lol
  12. Erin hunter (I admit it, i've always been a warriors kid) Ellen Wittlinger John Flanagan (I'm doing top three)
  13. Gregory and the underworld series
  14. what did she write aside from the hunger games?
  15. Amanda Lovelace is a social justice poet who i enjoy Also, Suzanne Collins is always a go to
  16. Cinderella is dead i have read- main character is lesbian I was also told 27 hours is a gay novel For trans books i have read gracefully Grayson but i though it was an extremely poor written- Grayson deserved a better storyline/ writing
  17. bro im the same, theres this polish bookstore that has super pretty editions of classics and it makes me wanna read them... they started republishing daphne du maurier's books and i got really into her writing because the covers were so pretty lol
  18. yea i like to collect books i bought looking for alaska at the beach last summer at this bookstore

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