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Am I trans? Or just mistaking something else for it?


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For as long as I can remember I've felt like I don't fit in with the other guys. As I was growing up I had thought countless times that maybe I was meant to be a girl but until sometime last year, I hadn't thought into it much.

I think I'm trans but a friend of mine, who hasn't really known me that long, doesn't think that I am and thinks I might just be a femboy. I've been having doubts about whether I am trans or not and her comment hasn't helped. I can't come out as trans irl currently but I've been living as a girl online in a game called imvu and I feel happy when people use she/her pronouns when referring to me and when people call me the name I picked.

I don't know what to think, I feel I'd be happier as a girl but I'm scared I'll regret it if I do.

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Hey there,

Welcome :) 

I totally get why her comment didn't help; the only person that can answer this kind of question is yourself really. I'm wondering, do you need to know what to think at this stage? I think that our mind gives us directions all the time, and deep down, we know what the truth about our identity is. What do you think? 

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Yeah, I guess you're right. I feel like I was meant to be a girl, that deep down I am one. I keep doubting myself but I've read that its very common to have doubts, even once you've accepted it. 

Thank you for your reply, it's honestly helped a bit. :)

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