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Found 11 results

  1. hey so I wasn't sure where to post this so it's going here! I was wondering if anyone wanted to chat and possibly be friends. I'm not currently at my usual home and there's a huge time difference so I can't talk to most of my friends. I like gaming, reading, singing, dancing, and a lot more so if you're into that stuff please reply! Looking for mainly 12-14 y/o
  2. I have n idea how to come out to my homophobic grandparents who i live with. any tips?
  3. I’m bisexual however I am terrified of coming out to my parents. My parents are old-fashioned but I don’t know if that means they are homophobic, that would make coming out to them even harder. I don’t know how to ask if they support the “community”, I’ve been hoping it would just come out naturally but it hasn’t. I need ideas on both figuring out if they are homophobic and actually coming out to them…
  4. Hey I came on here honestly just to make friends and talk with people like me . I found this platform because I’m low key bi-curious and apparently people use it to discuss sexuality so if anyone wants a chat about that , or anything really , then I’m up for it
  5. poosheen


    hi everyone, im bi and my pronouns are she/her. i don't talk very much at school or in big groups so i haven't been able to connect with many queer people. i saw this link on a quiz site and im super bored so yeah haha! hopefully ill make a new friend or two and learn more about the lgbt+ community
  6. SeEna


    I’m SeEna, for a while I have thought I was bisexual but never had the courage to tell anyone about it or try and figure out what my sexuality is, because I didn’t know if I wanted to know the answer. Around 2 weeks ago I finally decided to explore my sexuality and now know I am bi. I’ve want to tell someone about how happy I am that I can now know and understand who I am. I do want to tell my friends and family, but I’m trying to find the words/time to tell them. When I think it’s the right time I just chicken out. I’m mostly scared what my family’s reaction will be, my mother supports me in lots of the things I do. Although I think I would have her support, when the conversation of sexualities ever come up wether that be in movies we watch or reading something online about it; she acts so indifferent so it’s hard for me to read what her reaction would be. My father is indifferent as well, my aunt makes homophobic remarks sometimes so I’m starting to wonder if that might be my fathers opinion as well. I believe that my parents wouldn’t stop loving me for coming out, but they might not be supportive. I’m just not sure of what to do at this point, wether I should tell them or just keep it to myself for the time being.
  7. Hiii so I recently started to question my sexuality and I need some advice because im low key kinda panicking and idk what to do . I love the lgbtq+ community and have many friends within it , im just stressing because idk what to do that’s all I’m in a happy relationship with a boy so the option of experimenting with other genders isn’t really possible rn obviously. But I find both boys and girls attractive and Ik I’d 100% experiment with girls at the very least . My parents are incredibly homophobic so I’d never come out to them tho . But I have amazing friends who would support me . What should I doooo please someone help x
  8. I’m 21 years old and I’m quite scared to come out as bi to my family, a while back my brother came out as trans but my mother, she didn’t take it very well, it’s better now! But how she looked at him when he told her, it’s not something I want her to do to me, I would say we’re pretty close, and I have a good relationship with her but once I tell her it might disappear, and that’s something I don’t want happening, I’m pretty comfortable telling my father and siblings but its my mother I’m worried about.
  9. Hey everyone my name is Daniel I’m 19 yrs old and I’m kinda new to this site but I was wondering am I bi sexual or something else because For me I like boys and girls and had crushes on both of them boys and girls and once dating a girl I met once in 5th grade and kissed her I loved it but here’s the twist tho since I was in first grade or second grade I had a feeling and knew that I liked both boys and girls and that I was bi sexual because I always see boys and girls I like in school and etc and that I always look and stare at boys and girls and have feeling for them but I didn’t realized back then because we’ll I was younger I didn’t knew what was going on with me and like I said I dating a girl once and kiss her and I loved it but I seen boys I like too that I wanted date and kiss and have a relationship with but anyways here’s the reason I never dated a boy in school when my middle school days started for me If you didn’t knew I was kinda of the weird kid well not the weird kid but slow kid you know what mean both the weird kid and slow kid I had friends but not a lot like the popular kids because I forgot too mention I have some disorders and problems like adhd ocd mild Intellectual disability and Tourette’s but not that bad but anyways I was scared too date a boy because I was afraid kids will made fun of me and called me names and stuff like queer or homo or stupid retarted or fat and too be clear I was kinda been bullied because of my problems that I had with learning and stuff and I forgot too mention another thing I had surgery on my neck and that was an issue for with bullying there has been times the kids back in middle school when they were making fun of me of my neck surgery anyways that’s some details about me but here’s the part I wanted too answer am I bi sexual like I said I like both but I have more feelings towards boys than girls I’m quite little confused on how does bi sexual work and definitions of it and how dating works for it someone please help me I’m kinda confused if I’m bi sexual or not
  10. Ok, so after awhile of questioning myself, I have realized that I am Bi, and I want to come out to everyone, but my parents are pretty conservative Christians and I have no idea how they would respond. For context, I am a 14 year old girl who is also a Christian, and is homeschooled, so I don't have any friends that aren't straight.
  11. Hi, ive been questioning my sexuality for a while now, and I’ve always been stuck figuring it out. I think I’m attracted to girls but also boys. I’ve never dated a girl but I think I would. I’m also scared that if I do come out as anything other than straight, my friends and family will see me differently. I’m just really stuck trying to figure out what I like, Jorja
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