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  1. bisexual music art and animals
  2. Hello my nickname is scooby (cousin gave it to me cause we was always watching scooby doo and it rhymes with my actual name). I'm from north america. My preferred pronouns are she/her but I have been questioning here lately. I am currently trying to learn a new language. I have a cat, snake, and two guinea pigs (technically three if you count my moms). Im here cause i dont really have any one in the community around me like i do but its hard to talk to them and im hoping to get help with questioning my bisexuality (idk if I worded that right). I tried talking to my step dad but hes straight (that has nothing to do with it besides the fact he doesn't understand anything i try and talk about.)
  3. a few years ago i started contemplating whether i was bisexual. just these last few months though i've really been leaning towards it... as a girl myself, i've never really been attracted or had a crush on a girl, but i have to say i really don't see any issues with dating one, and i could see myself doing it. to me, all that matters is that if i love them, and they love me. can i say i'm bisexual if i've never even had a crush on a girl? is that like acceptable or is it just stupid?
  4. I have only dated and been sexually involved with men my whole life. I have always found women attractive, but I don’t think sexually attractive. I have kissed women a few times and it was nice. I’m having trouble determining how I feel, which I know a complete stranger can’t do for me. I’m physically attracted to both men and women, but only sexually attracted to men.. I know this is normal in most cases, but just would like some in-site! Thank you :) my name is Hannah btw (she, her)
  5. Hi! So im BI. I've known since January and a few of my close friends know. I really want my parents to know but I am way to scared to tell them, I don't know how, or when, and I am panicking. I don't want things to change or how they see me to change. I'm not even sure if they know what lgbt+ is or how they feel about it. I don't think that they know that I know what it is. Any advice?
  6. This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Death, Hate, Self-Harm, Suicide
  7. Hi, I don't exactly know how forums work, but I saw this while I was reading an article about bisexuality. I guess I just clicked on it in hopes of someone hearing me out. I was around 15 years old when I had suspicions about myself being bisexual. But I just recently accepted my identity. Now, I'm kind of realizing that growing up, I did like girls. I just wasn't entertaining the thought because, well, I thought it wasn't normal. Even now, I feel kind of embarrassed just thinking and writing about it. I know to myself that I want to come out. God, I know that would feel so good, but it's so hard to do. There were times when I wanted to tell someone so bad, anyone that I trust. And I feel so unmovable at those moments, like it's really gonna happen. I'm actually gonna tell someone. But as soon as I start the conversation about what they think towards the LGBT community, tiptoeing around the topic, I feel my confidence constantly shrink. People I trust would suddenly say something that would make me back out at the last minute. And I know they would accept me if I come out, but the tone they use while talking to me about bisexuality, or being gay, or any other gender, reeks so much of condescension. I feel like everything would change if I said something. Is it bad that I don't want to "say something" to them? I just want to leave hints in hopes of them figuring it out by themselves. And when they do, I don't want them to address it. I just want our lives to continue the way it was without them thinking I'm a different person now. Hoping someone would read this, I really feel like I need a safe space and someone to talk to about my sexuality. It's hard figuring everything out by myself.
  8. Hi there, I’m new to the site but I’ve been reading posts for a while and decided to make an account and hopefully receive some advice for my own problem! I’m a 24 year old bisexual male - probably say I’m 75% gay and 25% straight. I’m not out, although a couple of friends know and are supportive. I think it’s all fun and games to date guys now and not chase after women, but I think I don’t want to end up with a guy when I’m older. I also don’t want to be alone either. So that leaves me with the only option of finding a woman I’m attracted to and trying to make a marriage and family work with her, even though I think my heart will never be 100% in it. Is this the right thing to do? Is it fair to the woman or even fair to myself? I just don’t want to be an outcast for my whole life so if there is even a slim chance of being able to live a straight forward life shouldn’t I go for it? I thought I would have figured this out by now but I feel like I’m just getting more stressed as I get older. Any help or advice would be really appreciated.
  9. Hello i am a very confused person right now as i have started thinking a little more than i usually do…I don’t know what my sexuality is. Part of me really wants to date someone but the other part of me feels uncomfortable with that. Part of me says i can date any gender the other part says i’m straight. I say that i’d date anyone but do i mean that? i honestly want to be bi or something but then i feel like i can never actually date anyone because the thought of it makes me uncomfortable and it feels wrong, but i really want to be able to date someone. i feel broken and i don’t know what to do. i know i don’t have to find a set answer right now, but i want to try and get somewhere with it. :(
  10. hii! i'm a girl and i've always thought i was straight up until now but recently i think i've been developing feelings for this one girl. we only recently got to work with each other in various events and activities and i've slowly realized the feelings i have towards her right now are feelings i would typically get for any guy crush. to be honest i'm not even sure what i'm feeling right now or if i simply like her as a person, but she's such a wonderful person and i really enjoy spending time with her. i look forward to her texts and worry if she seems tired or stressed or upset and feel a hint of jealousy (?) if she seems really close to other people. i honestly don't even know how to label it right now and i'm really confused. could it just be a passing thing or is it a start to a new realization? how do i even label what i'm feeling right now? and what should i do to get closer to her? does anyone have similar experiences and how they dealt with it? thank you!
  11. Lilyin


    My crush has a boyfriend! What the f**k should I do?
  12. After a full year of contemplating and getting to know myself, I am a proud bisexual. My close friends know, but my family doesn't (my friends are like my found family. I'm a lot more close and comfortable with them). I want to come out to my family because keeping this from them is so stressful! But I'm worried about their reactions... I don't want to say they're homophobic, but their reactions to topics about the LGBTQ+ community don't always go well... My siblings, are.... Homophobic, yeah. They make rude jokes about the LGBTQ+ community so I don't know if I want to tell them. My mother, bless her, says she would support me if I came out (I am her daughter after all) but she always looks grossed out or like she's going to throw up when I talk about girls dating girls or guys dating guys. I can tell she doesn't mean to be rude, so I do want her to know, but I'm scared as to what her reaction might be... Thoughts?
  13. In year 6 the word gay was taboo, it was whispered like it was dirty, a naughty word that should not be repeated. It didn't help that our teacher taught us nothing about sexuality, I thought that something was wrong with me every time I stared at that one girl in my class. I was finally in the popular crowd though, after moving schools and being bullied, I was finally one of those girls that everyone wishes to be. I wasn't bad looking and I was often told of guys that liked me, which was very flattering, especially when you're at a young age. At the end of year 6 one of my 'friends' was pestering me so much about who did I have a crush on that I just randomly blurted out the name of a guy in our class. Now looking back at my class photo I can see he wasn't year 6 fantasy material. Still to this day, 4 years later, I am teased. It's funny though, I laugh about it with my friends. If you would like to hear more stories about my realisation that I am indeed not straight, comment and I will post one tomorrow night about year 7.
  14. Ok this is weird but like 5 years ago I thought "I think I like girls too" because I was starting to get a crush on a girl (I still liked guys too) but then I was like "nah that's a problem for another day" and I didn't think about it for five years even though I knew I had a crush on a girl and now I just realised that I procrastinated realising my own sexuality
  15. I hide by the name bree, I'm a fifteen year old asian kid who likes cats. Gender and sexuality confusion got me in this place lol. Let's talkk :))
  16. I want to come out to my family because I am a proud bisexual, but they are really homophobic, and I don't know how they'd react. Should I come out? And if so, then how? Helpp
  17. hi to everyone reading this. i hope you’re doing well :) i have known i like women and men for some time now but only recently have been comfortable with saying it out loud to close friends. i know when i come out my parents will except me but i have started talking to this girl she’s a lesbian. i’m not so sure how to tell her that i have not come out fully, nor have i been with a girl before. any guidance from this community will help so please don’t hesitate!
  18. hi everyone! i’m b my pronouns are she/her and i’m from canada!i spend most of my time doing anything that incorporates music. i joined the community because i like men and women but have only came out to my bestfriends so far. i need some guidance aswell, can’t wait to meet people :)
  19. hey so I wasn't sure where to post this so it's going here! I was wondering if anyone wanted to chat and possibly be friends. I'm not currently at my usual home and there's a huge time difference so I can't talk to most of my friends. I like gaming, reading, singing, dancing, and a lot more so if you're into that stuff please reply! Looking for mainly 12-14 y/o
  20. I have n idea how to come out to my homophobic grandparents who i live with. any tips?
  21. I’m bisexual however I am terrified of coming out to my parents. My parents are old-fashioned but I don’t know if that means they are homophobic, that would make coming out to them even harder. I don’t know how to ask if they support the “community”, I’ve been hoping it would just come out naturally but it hasn’t. I need ideas on both figuring out if they are homophobic and actually coming out to them…
  22. Hey I came on here honestly just to make friends and talk with people like me . I found this platform because I’m low key bi-curious and apparently people use it to discuss sexuality so if anyone wants a chat about that , or anything really , then I’m up for it
  23. poosheen


    hi everyone, im bi and my pronouns are she/her. i don't talk very much at school or in big groups so i haven't been able to connect with many queer people. i saw this link on a quiz site and im super bored so yeah haha! hopefully ill make a new friend or two and learn more about the lgbt+ community
  24. SeEna


    I’m SeEna, for a while I have thought I was bisexual but never had the courage to tell anyone about it or try and figure out what my sexuality is, because I didn’t know if I wanted to know the answer. Around 2 weeks ago I finally decided to explore my sexuality and now know I am bi. I’ve want to tell someone about how happy I am that I can now know and understand who I am. I do want to tell my friends and family, but I’m trying to find the words/time to tell them. When I think it’s the right time I just chicken out. I’m mostly scared what my family’s reaction will be, my mother supports me in lots of the things I do. Although I think I would have her support, when the conversation of sexualities ever come up wether that be in movies we watch or reading something online about it; she acts so indifferent so it’s hard for me to read what her reaction would be. My father is indifferent as well, my aunt makes homophobic remarks sometimes so I’m starting to wonder if that might be my fathers opinion as well. I believe that my parents wouldn’t stop loving me for coming out, but they might not be supportive. I’m just not sure of what to do at this point, wether I should tell them or just keep it to myself for the time being.
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