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  1. Lately I’ve been doubting my sexuality. I kind of find girls very attractive and not so much guys to be honest. But obviously there’s a few things about Guys that I find attractive. I’ve dated a guy before. And I’ve never dated a girl before. To be honest I’ve never even kissed a girl before. But I still have these feelings which are kind of confusing to be honest. Part of me is hoping these confusing feeling will go away. But another part of me feels like it might not go away anytime soon. And I’m not sure what to do now. I don’t know anyone who’s gay or lesbian or anyone from the lgbtq+ community that I can ask for advice. And I don’t want to just kiss a girl just for the sake of kissing a girl. If I one day i do kiss a girl I would want to like her and hopefully she would like me back before that kiss to occur. Guess what I’m wondering is how do you know for sure if you are bisexual?
  2. hello everyone!, i was searching on google if i am bi, took a quiz and the results said yes lmao i have been questioning my whole life about my sexuality i will make it short here. i am a woman, 21 years old. i have been attracted to women sexually ever since i remember, romantically and sexually attracted to men, the thing is i have never had sex before in m y life and for some reason men's downthere disgusts me (no offend to any men) but im okay with kissing and hugging and other stuff. a while ago actually there was a guy that i was so attracted to that i didnt mind even if we had sex, we did sex chatting alot and i liked everything about him, then somethings happened and we never got to meet, i wonder what would happen... i have dated 2 men in my life, the first one i dated for like 12 days and second one for 3 months, the reason why i broke up with both cuz they both cheated. i have never dated a women before but i have been attracted to some, not romantically but sexually, they just turn me on so much. i have never watched straight porn, just lesbian porn. idk what else to say but please can someone help me know really i am? not that it will make any difference but im curios..
  3. I'm really confused and don't know if I actually like girls and feel attracted to them or if I just think they're pretty or jealous. Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to know the difference? I have a boyfriend do I can't really experiment..
  4. sflowergirl

    I am back!

    Hihi! I was on vacation and now I am back, sorry if I didn't respond in the last 11 days if you trying to reach out to me! anyways my vacation was great other than the fact the I am keeping from my parents my sexuality. I just take myself away from them so that I don't go insane from feeling so anxious and mom is saying that I am being anti social. I just don't know if I can keep myself together anymore I am always contradicting everything about everything with myself sometimes I just want to disappear.
  5. When I first started questioning my sexuality, I was 13, and felt very alone. I was too scared to tell anyone, not necessarily because I would face homophobia, but more because I was so worried that it was just a phase. I worried that I was only questioning because I had lots of gay friends, I was worried that I didn't have enough "evidence" to qualify for any label other than straight, and I was worried that people wouldn't believe me, and would think I was just attention seeking. And for a long time, I thought this was just me.That was until I found the Ditch the Label forum. After reading some of the chat forums and seeing how similar my thoughts were to others in similar situations, I realised that my crisis wasn't unusual, but rather something that a lot of young people go through. What I've learnt is that you don't need hard evidence to be a valid part of the LGBTQ+ community. You don't need to prove your feelings or attraction to anyone. On my way to accepting myself, I had to realise that both possible outcomes were okay; it would be okay if it WAS just a phase, and I turned out straight, and it would also be 100% okay if it wasn't a phase, and I really was bisexual. I eventually came to the realisation that I am bisexual (I realised that straight girls probably don't lie awake at night thinking about kissing other girls lol). Something that made me doubt my sexuality for such a long time was the fact that I couldn't really remember ever having been attracted to girls when I was younger. In a lot of stories I've heard of people realising their same sex attraction, people look back and realise that a friend that they were really close to as a kid...they maybe liked more than just a friend. But I didn't have any of that. This bothered me a lot until I realised that bisexuality can be as simple as realising your potential to be in a relationship with multiple genders. For me, I grew up in a very catholic family/school and didn't even know what the word lesbian was until I moved up to secondary school. I didn't know of any same sex relationships in my widespread family or in the media, I was not exposed to any representation at all. The option of being with a girl wasn't even open to me; I was taught that girls could only have platonic relationships with each other. So, moving to an all girls secondary school, and having lots of gay friends opened this option up to me, and I realised that I had the potential inside of me to be with any gender. I didn't have a moment when I was suddenly attracted to women, I just realised that I knew I had that potential (which stressed me out so much because I thought it didn't count).Everyone's experience is different and sexuality is FLUID. Maybe, like me, for you it was something that came when you were older. Maybe you can look back in your childhood and see examples of when you were attracted to the same gender that you didn't realise at a time. Both are valid! And you don't need to label your sexuality either, if you don't want to. That's okay too! It's all okay. You are valid :) <3
  6. I have been questioning myself for a long time already, but I have always tried to ignore because I thought I might not really be into others. But I don't underatand my feelings anymore and I question myself whether I like girls also or not. I know I am into boys, but I don't know how I feel about girls, I am not discomoforted nor bothered by the idea of kissing or going out with a girl. I mean, I might kinda like it? But I'm not sure whether how I feel is true or not.
  7. I am 17(girl) and i have been confused about sexuallity. Till now , i have only dated guys and i have boyfriend too but i want to know my sexuallity. When i was 15 , i was attracted to a girl but i didn't knew that she was girl cuz she looked like guy , i don't know if i was attracted toward her cuz she looked like a guy. I also get turned on from lesbian porn rather than straight porn. I can also fantasize having sex with a girl and dating her and have no problem to marry her. Also i have been sexually attracted toward female's body . i am so confused , just someone help me .
  8. I am 17(girl) and i have been confused about sexuallity. Till now , i have only dated guys and i have boyfriend too but i want to know my sexuallity. When i was 15 , i was attracted to a girl but i didn't knew that she was girl cuz she looked like guy , i don't know if i was attracted toward her cuz she looked like a guy. I also get turned on from lesbian porn rather than straight porn. I can also fantasize having sex with a girl and dating her and have no problem to marry her. Also i have been sexually attracted toward female's body . i am so confused , just someone help me .
  9. So yeah what the Title is , I am 20 yo Boy and i am and i wanna come out to my parents . but in india if you're indian you would understand that homosexuality is not appreciated my parents are old school type and we never discuss about any lgbt topics on dinner table(not that that words are forbidden in my house) and i currently live far from home doing my engineering last year. And FYI i have big sister to share things but i don't share with her about my sexuality they all just assume i am gonna find a girl but i think i am bisexual and that hurts my feelings that my family assumes that i would end up with a girl. and there are highly chances that they could kick me outta home or stop talking with me or forcefully set up marriage with some girl so how can i come out in this situation i come from socity where some years ago and still now to some extent love marriage is forbidden in many families and there is arrange marriage concept. This all i explained because you'll get an image of our socity so. should i wait until i am financially independent cuz i got a good job at IT company so should i wait some years like 5-6 years and bury my feelings? suggest me i am in so much tension that what should i do in this situation.
  10. So this Happened Sometime Month Ago I think that we joke about falling on love with eachother But as Time Wen't on There's Some Overwhelmed Emotions on Me That Telling Me Otherwise And Iam trying to keep That For Myself Cause idk What He Will Say to Me Let's Just Say He Kinda Sassy So Anytips For This
  11. sflowergirl

    am I bi?

    a couple days ago I was watching this movie and I couldn't help but be attracted to the girl main character... After finishing the movie (which was really good) I decided that I was going to take a bisexual quiz. I had been battling myself on this and I didn't and still don't really know why I did but I did. So after watching the movie just did it. The test results showed that I was Bi and I read the little article down below and things started making since. it was like I was seeing the world for the first time even though I had been living in it for a long time. An now a few days later still seeing the world with fresh eyes I feel like I am going screw up my life and make thing awkward with the people around me. so after lift a burning question off my chest I have now replaced it with a twenty pound weight on my shoulders.
  12. I'm so done with my stupid homophobic classmates and town. Most of the teachers/admin at my school are religious/homophobic and so are a lot of the students. I've been harrased on and off for my sexual orientation since 7th grade (which was also the year I was sexually assaulted by a classmate) and a lot of the student population at my school thinks I'm gay even though I'm bisexual. I'm a boy and I did come out to some of my classmates as bi in 10th grade but it was a mistake because now I am in 12th grade and now many people think I'm gay. Many want nothing to do with me because of it and it's made it difficult to date people of both sexes plus I'm autistic and am very socially awkward which often exacerbates the problem. You know the movie Forrest Gump and the scene where Jenny said she wanted to be a bird and fly away? That's how I feel like all the time now. I hate living with my parents who are often emotionally cold towards me and one of my best friend's friend because he asked me out to prom last year and he kissed me while we were there. I felt so HAPPY that I was gonna experience what being with a boy was like but he ditched me after two days. The song hot and cold really describes the way he acts towards me and I am about ready to flip out towards him because it's been going on for months now. I just want my senior year to be a happy one but I don't think that will happen especially if I get a job. I just want someone to genuinely fall in love with me not fake it or pretend they like me but use it to bully me for daring to want to love someone. I'm tried of everyone's crap and I feel about ready to explode.
  13. I'm a female currently in a long term relationship with a man. I've only dated men. I have been interested in women but my religion goes against it. I'm not sure how to navigate these feelings. I am unsure about my current relationship in many aspects and would like to date other men and possibly women but feel stuck.
  14. Hi, you can call me Wolfy, I'm 20 (plus few days) old girl that realized my true sexuality just recently, there was some clues from my childhood to now that I might not be straight, but I never thought that I'm bi, I just thought I'm weird, I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was five and diagnosed with autism when I was eleven, so I thought that it's something with my diagnoses than my sexuality. I just think I'm bisexual, but I'm not sure. I'm bisexual by the definition of bisexuality, but I don't feel like that definition sits with me. I'm more attracted to males than females, I'm more sexually attracted to males and more romantically attracted mo females. This goes for 2 or so years now. So am I bisexual or is this just a phase? PS:Thank you for reading this
  15. I’m a 17 year old girl that’s always liked guys. From a young age I was boy crazy. I love men, I love having sex with men, I love hanging out with men. I started “experimenting” (don’t know the right words that’s why I’m on here) with girls when I was 13-14. I would tell people that it made me uncomfortable and that I didn’t like it but in reality I did like it; women had softer lips and tasted like cherries and I wouldn’t get a carpet burns if (if bc i never really did the sex part) a women went down on me. A lot of people tell me I give off a gay/bi energy but when you get to know me I’m the straightest person you’ll ever meet. I’m here to ask all my lovely queers what can you do to find out what you are. I want to research I don’t want to just read the definition of pansexuality and just yes that’s me bc I don’t know. I’d also be the only queer in my family if I came out; I come from a very strict french family that don’t like transgender people so how am I suppose to say I’m Pan to them. It’s very scary, can someone help me ?
  16. Hi everyone! My name is ash & i’ve identified as a heterosexual hispanic woman my entire life. even through college. i recently began medical school and have become confused about if i am attracted to women or just so turned off by men recently because of past relationships. i know i still am attracted to men. but recently, the more i begin to think of women in my life as something more than just a friend, the more amazing the idea sounds. it’s just the sex part of being with a woman that kind of scares me. it’s also more confusing because i see all these tiktoks of people saying like “queer things that i did before i knew i was queer” and they lost off like experiencing some kind of best friend monogamy or like a sexless relationship. and i’ve experienced that. i don’t know. i know sexuality is a spectrum and i don’t need to label myself but i’m just confused. what are some things that clued you into identifying as a bisexual? as always, i am so grateful to have a safe space to ask these kinds of questions and i appreciate everyone on this platform for taking the time to share your stories. sending love & light <3, ash
  17. Ellie S

    About Me

    My name is Ellie. I am 13 years old, a scorpio, use she/her/hers pronouns, and I love to read. I started college this past year, and my friends that I had before don't treat me the same as they used to, and they make me feel bad for getting excited about school or vacations. I am a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, but I don't know which labels best define me, and I don't know if I am bi, omni, or lesbian, and all I know is that I like girls. I am in love with my best friend, who is two years older than me, and is pan. I am very active in my church youth group, and that's where I know most of my friends from. I get really bad social anxiety, and I overthink everything.
  18. I recently posted on a similar topic but I have a different question. I’m trying to figure out if I’m bi or not (without experimenting) but i go through phases. For a couple months at a time I’ll think k could be bi, but then for the next couple months (give or take- I don’t keep track) I’ll think I’m straight. Like idk, I just go through periods of different feelings. Can sexuality be fluid? I know of people who honestly believe they were attracted to a man for a long time, but are now lesbian. Can you change your sexual preferences. Honestly just a question
  19. Hey guys so for the past couple years I have had trouble questioning my sexuality. I have a boyfriend who I love for the past few years so I can’t experiment or anything. I think some girls are soo pretty and are hot. I think I’d have sex with a girl, but can’t see myself marrying one. Some say it’s just jealousy or like a deep admiration for one. After I first started questioning myself I found that I fit a lot of bi stereotypes (not that it matters, just made me question myself more) I feel like I for the definition of heteroromantic bisexual, but a lot of people in the community don’t like micro labels. Im not pressuring myself to label my sexuality but I feel like I’d feel better if I understood more of what it is. i defiantly like guys, I’m just unsure of the girl part lol. Any advice is appreciated.
  20. Hi! So im BI. I've known since January and a few of my close friends know. I really want my parents to know but I am way to scared to tell them, I don't know how, or when, and I am panicking. I don't want things to change or how they see me to change. I'm not even sure if they know what lgbt+ is or how they feel about it. I don't think that they know that I know what it is. Any advice?
  21. I have come to the realization that I'm bisexual (yay!) but I have also realized that I suck at dating. I think I give off a really independent "undateable" vibe and I'm trying to do the opposite of that. Especially now that I know I am interested in girls as well, I don't know where to start. How do I know someone's into me? What if I start hitting on a straight girl? How to I make myself seem more...available to others? Someone with experience please help.
  22. I’m 17 (M), and for some years now I guess I’ve always questioned myself. I grew up attracted to girls and have always had girlfriends, but the first time I ever had an attraction to a guy I felt really weird, over the years this has more and more disappeared but I am still confused. Currently I have a girlfriend, so I’m in a heterosexual relationship, however I do find myself wondering what I am. I have attractions to both genders, im just confused.
  23. Hello my nickname is scooby (cousin gave it to me cause we was always watching scooby doo and it rhymes with my actual name). I'm from north america. My preferred pronouns are she/her but I have been questioning here lately. I am currently trying to learn a new language. I have a cat, snake, and two guinea pigs (technically three if you count my moms). Im here cause i dont really have any one in the community around me like i do but its hard to talk to them and im hoping to get help with questioning my bisexuality (idk if I worded that right). I tried talking to my step dad but hes straight (that has nothing to do with it besides the fact he doesn't understand anything i try and talk about.)
  24. a few years ago i started contemplating whether i was bisexual. just these last few months though i've really been leaning towards it... as a girl myself, i've never really been attracted or had a crush on a girl, but i have to say i really don't see any issues with dating one, and i could see myself doing it. to me, all that matters is that if i love them, and they love me. can i say i'm bisexual if i've never even had a crush on a girl? is that like acceptable or is it just stupid?
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