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  1. Monsoon's post in How Do I Be More Confident In My Identity? was marked as the answer   
    Hello @Phantom
    Thank you for coming to us for support. It sounds like you're concerned about quite a few things at the moment which I totally get from what you've explained. How are you feeling after writing all of that down? I just wanted to ask because people can often find that opening up about their struggles can make them feel a bit better and like the problem has less power over them.
    I really like some of the tips that have already been mentioned here, such as wearing more neutral clothing. I wonder, could you possibly ask for underwear that looks more neutral, or even socks and t shirts? For example, underwear that looks more like boxers Those kinds of clothing can tend to be a bit more gender neutral in a way if you pick the right ones, so that might help you to feel more comfortable for now. Also, I'm wondering, when you think to yourself, do you recognise your true pronouns? If not, maybe you can liberate yourself by using your true pronouns in your head, and if you feel comfortable, maybe giving yourself a new name that reflects your identity more and using it in your head. What do you think? 
  2. Monsoon's post in Depressed was marked as the answer   
    Hey there,
    I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling like you've had enough. I think that we can all get pretty low at times, and I'm glad that you've chosen to share this here with us. I'm wondering, would you like to tell me a little bit more about what's going on, please? I hope to hear from you soon. 
  3. Monsoon's post in Wanting to date someone but I don't know how to open up was marked as the answer   
    Hey there,
    Yeah, that does sound really confusing. I wonder, have you thought about speaking to him about this? I think it could be helpful for you to maybe know what page he is on so that you can then move forward. What do you think? Also, yeah, you're right, 15 is too young for sex, and he should avoid saying things like that to you. 
  4. Monsoon's post in I have a crush on one of my friends was marked as the answer   
    Hey @bisexualweeb
    Thanks for asking us about this 🙂
    I think that before telling them, it might be good to have a think about whether they might have a crush on you too. I guess that if you tell them and they don't feel the same way, then it might make things awkward and change your friendship. What do you think? 
  5. Monsoon's post in I'm new and I'm confused. was marked as the answer   
    Hey Chloe,
    I just want to let you know that I have replied to your confidential support message. Speak soon 🙂
  6. Monsoon's post in Friendship problem was marked as the answer   
    Hey PK27
    Welcome 🙂
    I honestly completely get what you are saying. Although this person has been good to you, that doesn't mean that you have to be friends with them. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you don't owe it to them just because they were good with you. As you've said, the friendship is done and feels kind of toxic. It's  healthy to set your boundary and you are perfectly within your rights to do this. I'm wondering, could you just keep her at a distance rather than hanging out with her? It's fine to still be polite and friendly without being friends. What do you reckon?
  7. Monsoon's post in i don't know how to help without neglecting myself. was marked as the answer   
    Hey @kateaux
    Yeah, focusing on yourself and making sure that you're taking care of your needs will help make things easier for you. I think that you've already made a good start by opening up to us. I'm wondering, who else do you have around you to get support from? Also, I'm curious to know, what things do you like to do which you could do more of? It's good to hear what things already help your wellbeing that you could do more of during this tricky time.
    I think that it could be good for you to have a look through our mental health support guides here. You could maybe pick out a few things to try over the next couple of weeks and let me know how they go:
    101 Ultimate Ways to Chill Out and Reduce Stress 9 Practical Things You Can Do to Keep Track of Your Mental Health How to Meditate in 10 Steps 7 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Mental Health A Guide to Overcoming Stress – Stress Reprogramming  
  8. Monsoon's post in should i come out? was marked as the answer   
    Hey @yeehawhanna
    Welcome to our community
    I'm one of the support mentors here and I give advice to our members who reach out to us. 
    I just want you to know that we are here for you; you are not alone and you can speak to us about anything at all. I completely get the doubts you're having; I think that for anyone who questions at a young age, it is pretty common to think this way. I usually say to people in your situation that there is no harm in waiting; you can hold off until you're sure of your sexuality, or you can even tell people that you're questioning. Both options are really helpful. What do you think? 
  9. Monsoon's post in I’m Pansexual and I don’t know how to tell my friend was marked as the answer   
    Hey @Caitlyn C
    Welcome :). I'm one of the digital mentors here and I give advice to people who reach out to us.
    I'm sorry that your friend thought you were joking. Can I check, is it her reaction that's made you scared to tell your friends and family? Also, I'm wondering, what is it that you'e scared of specifically? I know that this is quite nerve-wracking anyway, but it's good to find out those specific fears as you can then work through them.
    Just remember that with coming out, you don't have to do it if you don't feel ready; it's totally okay to wait. There really is no rush
    Speak soon!
  10. Monsoon's post in Sent dirty messages and regret it was marked as the answer   
    Hello @jj_undercover
    Ah, yeah, that makes sense that she sent them to him. At this stage, as you don't know if she has sent the pics on or not, there isn't much that can be done apart from asking her to not share the photos and then delete them. Could it be worth having a go at this? Many people think this won't work, but it actually often does. Also, you could try reporting her account for sending the screenshots. You could also report the guy who is posting them too. What do you think?
    Just keep in mind that by her having the pictures, she is committing a crime as you are underage. Do you think she knows this? It could be useful to remind her as this can be reported to the police.
    Btw, you might find this website helpful if the pictures do get leaked as well: https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/04/27/what-to-do-if-someone-leaked-your-nudes-reporting-to-protecting/
  11. Monsoon's post in Bad body image was marked as the answer   
    Hey @Blue22031
    Welcome to our community :). I'm one of the digital mentors at Ditch and I'm here to give advice and support to those who reach out to us. 
    I'm sorry to hear that you're having a hard time with the way you feel right now. I just want to say that I'm proud of you for opening up about what you're going through at the moment. Speaking to others will help you to work through this. It's so hard to not believe people when they call us horrible names, but it's important to remember that some people can say things they don't mean just to hurt someone else.
    Can I ask, does your mum know about how you limit your eating? I wonder if she went to the doctors again, would you talk to them now? I'm sure she is just worried about you and wants what is best. 
    Have you seen our support guides here? You might find them helpful. Why don't you have a read and let me know what you think?
    Also, I'm wondering, can you tell me three things you like about yourself? It's always good to remember these kinds of things when we are feeling down on ourself
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