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My family problem


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I live with my aunt after being kicked out for being trans. My aunt is homophobic but I don’t think she knows it. She always says that she had gay friends and that it doesn’t bother her but I’m pan and trans and don’t think she’ll accept me. I’m also too scared to tell her bc when I asked if she would call me by my pronouns and not my dead name she said she’ll call me she or my dead name and it really upsets me. What can I do?

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Hey @Artemis0222

Thank you for coming to us for advice. I'm really sorry to hear that you were kicked out for being trans. How are you feeling at the moment? I can imagine that you must be feeling quite hurt and abandoned by who you were living with before, and I just want you to know that we are here for you if you want to talk more about this. How is it going at your aunt's house? I'm glad you had somewhere else to go and I hope that you're safe there? It's interesting that she said she will call you by your old name and  pronouns. I'm wondering, did you give any reasons for a possible change in your name and pronouns? For example, saying that 'If I were trans, would you call me by my real name and pronouns?' I'm thinking that she might not see the point of doing so if you didn't explain that to her and might change her mind if she knew. Speak soon. 


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      im Kenneth. I've sorta just come here as a last resort, I guess. I'm not sure.
      I live with my mom. My dad left and my mom won't let me see him- I'm closeted trans and gay and I'm horrified to tell my mom. She's homophobic, transphobic- she's a bad person and she's put me through enough. She has serious anger issues and hurts me over the smallest things.
      I want to be happy. I want to be in an accepting, good family. I want to feel and look how I want to- It makes it worse that if I do anything slightly masculine she goes off the deep end. Did I mention she's hardcore fake Christian? 
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      I think I'm trans but a friend of mine, who hasn't really known me that long, doesn't think that I am and thinks I might just be a femboy. I've been having doubts about whether I am trans or not and her comment hasn't helped. I can't come out as trans irl currently but I've been living as a girl online in a game called imvu and I feel happy when people use she/her pronouns when referring to me and when people call me the name I picked.
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      But, yeah, does anyone has any advice or any idea about what to do in this situation? Appreciate your time ❤️
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