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How do i cope?


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I hope everyone reading this is doing well! I have just been diagnosed with bipolar disorder(yay!!!) and despite being a psychology major who is passionate about mental health, I am not taking the news well! It has been extremely hard for me to accept this and my mind has completely checked out from the conversation. The diagnosis makes a lot of sense and I have chosen to take medication and go to therapy to help me cope better. The problem is this is a huge issue for me but I have no one surrounding me. I am very uncomfortable speaking about this to my family(I need to tell them, especially my mum) and I have no friends that I could talk to. I feel like I'm losing my mind and spinning out of control and just need someone to talk to and someone to hug me. I feel really lonely and scared to be going through all this by myself and have no one by my side. I have a really hard time making friends and even harder keeping them so that doesn't help.

I guess I just really needed to let it out that's what I am here.

Thank you for reading

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Hi there, 

Wanted to say firstly, thank you for being so brave in sharing this with us. I just wanted to say I have recently been diagnosed with EUPD so I get you with feeling scared to tell others. I am glad you agree with your diagnosis, how are you feeling now since you’ve written this post? I hope you’re okay. 

when it comes to telling loved ones regarding diagnosis’s, I haven’t got anybody to tell so I am a bit stuck on what to say but, I just would firstly make sure your mum is in a good mood, and then if you don’t feel comfortable with anyone else knowing then maybe going into a safe place and a place where only you and your mum are so you can tell. If you feel scared saying it out loud, when you’re both in a room together you could maybe ( if you want to of course) but maybe writing what you want in a note and then handing it to her? If you don’t want to that is perfectly fine, just a suggestion. That would be my suggestion anyway, sending hugs 🫂.

youre not alone, you’ve got this! 🫂

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