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Have we outgrown each other?


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It has been three years since I graduated from the University. During my college days, I am a popular student because of my academic standing. Back then, I had a lot of 'friends'. Of course, I knew how to sort out the real from the fake. Sadly, many of those whom I considered as real friends started to change. We no longer talk the way we used to do even on social media. Most of those friendships have faded. I guess only five of them did not change at all. I don't know but I feel like I was also partly to blame. Are my efforts not enough to sustain the friendship?

Today, out of those five, it is my very best friend who has remained consistent. We chat regularly unless one of us is on board a ship where communication is an issue. Nevertheless, when we are on leave we talk regularly and find time for each other. For example, he even came by to help celebrate my birthday. We could talk comfortably about a lot of things. He was also my co-member of a Christian fellowship group in our University.

I just don't know. Have I outgrown my college friends? Is it them who have outgrown me? 


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Hello @vincent1996

Welcome to our community. I'm one of the digital mentors here and I give support to those who reach out to us. 

I think what you are going through right now happens to a lot of us. As we get older, friendships can change, but it doesn't mean that you've outgrown each other, it might just mean that you communicate differently. On the other hand, some people just grow apart, and it is what it is. However, it could also be that you just need to reconnect with some of them. What do you think might be going on? It's great that you have a best friend out of the five - it sounds like you get a lot from that friendship. 

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