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Mis chicas tontas 🥰


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19 minutes ago, TinyTurtles said:

So on mondays we’re allowed to start work at 1 now instead of 9 so imma lay down. Feelin out of it physically. My body aches and I have a headache, but I took medicine 👍🏽

Aw ok girlie. I am laying down too. I’m sorry ur body aches 

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Just now, Solo_una_hermosa_chica said:

idk all the conversation i didnt get any notifications so idk wht was goin on 

Hah srry, Dino be experiencing human body things and I woak up just saying good morning and stuff. 

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5 hours ago, Solo_una_hermosa_chica said:

i tried to write my mom a letter and i couldn’t find the words to say so i just throw the paper away and now imma going to go to sleep and try again in the morning 


Aw sorry to hear that :(

I know that can be frustrating.. I know you though, and I know that you’re authentic and honest and always 💯 so I know you can do it beautiful ❤️ 

Something that helped me to write one to my mom (despite never finishing it/giving it to her) is writing as if it were a conversation. I also had some specific things in mind when writing.feel free to use this if ya want 🥰

Letter Outline Thingy:

-First and foremost thank her for agreeing to listen (if you plan on talking), or thank her for reading. 

This shows her that you value her time. Most people appreciate this, and are more willing to listen to you if they feel a mutual respect straight from the get go.

-What do I want to achieve from this conversation or by sharing this letter? What is the desireable outcome?

Share this with her. If you wanna vent, tell her that you want to vent and you don’t want advice. If you want to change a rule, tell her so respectfully. This directly engages her in the conversation while creating a team environment rather than a “me vs you” or an “us vs them” mentality. This means she won’t automatically be on the defense, and she’ll be more receptive towards what you have to say and willing to hear you out. Communication is key.

-what rules do I want her and I to respect to keep this healthy?

Set some ground rules at the beginning. Have both of you agree to those terms so you have room to speak freely and communicate effectively. This can be as simple as “I want to be able to finish my thought without being cut off, and I’ll do the same for you, deal?” Or “I’ll address one topic, and then you’ll have the chance to respond, is that okay?”. Have her included in making the rules as well. Stress the fact that you want to work together and that you want to have a healthy conversation. Again, comes off as non-aggressive and cooperative.

-What do I wish she’d do less of?

What are some things that bother you? What are some things you would change if you could? Why do these things make you upset? BE SPECIFIC. have examples. What would you like to change, and why.

-What do I wish she’d do more of?

what is she doing right? What are somethings that you wish she’d do a little more? Again, BE SPECIFIC. What are things you appreciate from her? Offer praise for those moments and express the fact that you want more positive experiences.

-Allow her to reply 

before switching topics let her process the information given to her. Let her think about what you said, allow her to ask questions. Nobody likes just being talked at without being able to share their side of the story. sometimes the biggest problems are just caused by misunderstandings, or have good intentions behind them. Maybe she said something as a joke and it was taken seriously, or she didn’t mean to put pressure on you but information was received that way. Clarity is the goal.

-After addressing everything you wanted to, work together to find a solution.

ask her what she thinks. Ask what is a reasonable first step. What is something small you both can do everyday to help with the stress and unhealthy feeling in your relationship. It can be helpful to have a few ideas already, but it’s okay if you don’t have any. All of this is to heal the relationship, and relationships aren’t meant to be one-sided, or only one person doing all of the work. In my own personal experience, I was interpreting information negatively from my mother so I had to change my mindset and practice expressing my opinions rather than just blindly saying yes to everything. My mom didn’t realize how much her words affected me, she needed to adjust her language and account for my sensitivity and clarify what she said if I ask her to. That accountability from each other is so healing I can’t describe it 🥰

-Don’t expect change immediately. 

this is a learning process for both of you, and you both aren’t going to magically change overnight. Give time, and grace, and understanding that this is growth, not an instant transition.

This isn’t a perfect formula, after all everybody is different, but I’ve found that people in general all way to feel loved and heard. This method is inclusive and healing, even if it takes some time. Love you mamas and hope this helped ❤️💕


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