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i have a new relationship but have ex obsession that i want to get rid off

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hello I have started this topic because I am in a new relationship but I have been obsessed with my ex but i no longer have any feelings for my ex anymore and it ended 5 years ago and it has ended with me telling my new partner "my ex was better than you" and that my ex was prettier than her and my ex made me feel like a man and had moaned my ex's name in my sleep but i no longer have any feels towards my ex and it is ruining my new relationship and i feel horrible and so very guilty i didn't mean any of the mean things i said and i want to put my past behind me and move on and be with my new partner as i really do love her with all my heart but i know i have hurt her in ways that no one should feel and it breaks my heart. i want to get rid of the obsession now

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Hi, sorry for the late reply on this! I'm Catsup, one of the support mentors here.Β  It sounds like you definitely want to forget about your ex and enjoy the relationship you have with your partner in the present.Β  Do you find yourself thinking a lot about the past in general?Β  Staying in the current moment and appreciating the things you have in front of you is not always easy, but I think it's so important for keeping a happy relationship with your current partner.Β 

When you said that your ex was better than your partner, do you believe that?Β  Or are there things that make you sure that your partner is the one you want to commit to?


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