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  1. (We are in 7th grade) (I will refer to my crush as G) My friends always tease G and I whenever we're sitting or standing next to each other. Neither of us mind of course. But they always tell me to just ask her out or get with her. Yeah, we like each other. But it's not that simple. Her dad is the only one of of our parents that know about the whole thing. I'm lucky that her father didn't tell my mother about it when they talked at her house last school year for a sleepover. I want to wait another year or two until I'm old enough my parents can't tell me that I'm "just confused." But, that makes me wonder if she can even keep her feelings for me that long. I know I can keep mine, but it's stressing me out. If she does ever tell me she lost her feelings before I tell my parents, I can get over it, and I wouldn't really have to tell my parents that part. If she does keep them, it makes it easier for me. But I'm worried I'm taking too long to do something. I can't exactly talk about with my friends because we only talk at school, I prefer to vent in person if I can, I'm scared of my parents seeing texts if I talk about it. I'm scared of talking to G myself because of the same reasons. We only have three classes together, and we don't sit together in any of them. But I really like her. Do I wait and just make occasional small talk about it, just wait, or do I actually do something. Someone I can talk to would be nice as well.
  2. For a while now, I've been pretty sure that I'm Pansexual. I'd say for about almost 2 years. My whole family, including myself, are Christian. All of the adults and elders in my family don't support the LGBTQ+ community. The only person that knows I'm pretty sure I'm Pansexual is my older cousin, who is also struggling with her sexuality. My mom and I are closer than we've ever been before, and I feel like I should tell her soon since her and I are so close, and we are both very vulnerable to each other, and we always have been. I just feel like I should tell her, but I don't want to tell her and have something go wrong. Does anyone have any advive? I would really appreciate any advice. Have a good day/night!
  3. This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Other
  4. This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Hate, Trauma, Violence
  5. I'm thinking about coming out of the closet as Pan and Trans male, any tips? I'm scared that everyone might tease me or think I'm joking or just hate me.
  6. So, hello, this is my first time posting on a forum here, but lately I have had some issues with my ex-girlfriend (I'll call her Hannah for privacy) I met her back in late October, and her charismatic nature drew me in. Hannah was my best friend's other best friend, and as I hung out with my best friend more, I got to know her better. Hannah and I were some of the only AFAB people who liked women at our school, so we bonded over that. In early November, we started hanging out after school. I confessed that I had a big crush on her, and she didn't act surprised, she said that she liked me as well. In mid-November, we went on dates, and I had loads of fun with her. This went on until Christmas Break, when we parted for three weeks. I missed her over break, and texted her almost every day, However, Hannah started leaving me on read, something that she had never done before. I wondered if I was annoying, so I let her be, When we came back to school in January, I greeted Hannah like we did before break. However, she shrugged off my hug, and went to talk with two girls that I didn't like. I tried to talk to her, tried to see what was wrong, but she dismissed me like I didn't exist. I talked to all of her old friends, and they said that Hannah had been ignoring them too. Finally, on February 1st, I said that I needed to talk with her. I pulled her aside, and said that I was tired of being ignored. She said that, and I quote, "I'm sorry, I have this habit of jumping into things, and I'm super sorry for pulling you in with me, I never meant to hurt you . My old ex treated me really bad and you shouldn't have to deal with this." She said that she needed some space, and for over a month I have attempted to give her some. However, she seems depressed and lonely all of the time, and won't even talk to me when I ask a direct question. (even for school-related topics!) She left her old friend group, and joined the loud, pessimistic crowd. I'm not sure what happened to her, but I honestly miss her as a friend would. I know that she doesn't like me romantically anymore, but I feel like our relationship never happened to her. Sorry for the long rant, Lee
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