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  1. (Please answer these like as if the person in front of you doesn't know what it feels like. I tend to get vague af answers and I will say it now that vague answers aren't too helpful. Thanks for understanding!) I'm curious for results and would like yall to answer these questions: 1) What do crushes feel like? When did you first get them? Describe in detail 2) What does sexual attraction feel like? Describe in the amount of detail that feels comfortable to you (as much as you can!). When did you first start feeling it? 3) How has puberty affected the feelings you have? Have they strengthened? Explain. 4) In your opinion, do romantic/sexual feelings overlap in some way? 5) How do you identify? Romantically and sexually.
  2. So lately I've been a cynic. Well, more of a cynic than usual. I've been in one relationship ever, and it ended up toxic. I'm not sure if everyone ends a relationship being loved more than anything in the world one moment to having your guts hated the next? He called me the b-word, undesirable, hopes I die alone. A week ago I met this guy. I can't say I like him because we've just met and haven't had enough time to form a bond. I take a long time to warm up to people, you see. But he likes me already. He said I'm beautiful and fun to talk to. Compliments don't work on me anymore though. The last guy called me beautiful and amazing just to replace that with "fake crazy b" when I left. I don't think love is real. I athink people just idealize you then throw you away when they know the real you. For a year already, I lowkey wanted to try again, just to prove my ex-bf wrong when he said that nobody would ever love me again. But now that I finally have a guy's attention, I shy away.
  3. HAVING TO DEAL WITH MY SEXUALITY AFTER A LONG TIME (sorry about my english, iยดm from Brazil) I have had a first trying of coming out when i was 15, i was confused because i was having a crush in one of my best friends at the time and i talked to a friend who i thought i could trust, but he threw me out of any closets i could ever be on for my mom and she find texts that i said to my girl crush that i was confused and i need to go for a little while (at that time i lived in a different city and i used to come to my hometown to visit my dad) and me and mom had this huge fight and she mentioned the texts she had caught and called me crazy and a liar and those kind of stuff, and after that i was even more closed about sexuality (i have never had a boyfriend/girlfriend or even kissed anyone yet, and now iยดm 21). after that i thought i was just done with that, and that confusion was just a thing from the age. but i was completely wrong. in 2017 i meet one of my best friends till this day and by 2018 i discover myself having feelings for her as well, but because of the last time i never even said that to anyone (only one friend, who i think didnยดt believed me at all) and i never even mentioned that to my mom or any of my others friend. back then i was a total wreck, my emotional health was done, i was about to enter college and dealing with my sexuality at that point was going to be even more painfull. so, iยดve kept this feelings in the locker for at least 5 years, but i didnยดt knew that i have had kept those feelings deep inside of me. i think you all know, but this year with 21 years and loving myself more i opened myself for having a romantic relationship (the first one), and at the same time "heartstopper" was out and i saw myself, all of my confusions reflected in Nick and the way he deal with it inspired me to open this "door" (my therapist calls this part of me, the door iยดve opened it) of my own, witch brought to the surface all those feelings i kept for myself regarding my best friend. and after a month and some days i feel at ease talking about those feelings in therapy, but i canยดt point out where i would put myself in (under what letters of the lgbt yet) but iยดm taking things slowly and following my pace to it. but after these one month coming in touch with myself and thinking about my sexuality and rediscovering those old feelings for my friend i am coming to that time where i want to share to my mom about everything and sit with her and just say it, and i was also thinking in a way i could say to this friend how i feel for her and itยดs been a lot in my head and iยดve been dealing with this "alone" (i have my therapist) and i wish i could have someone to talk to you know? this is all mixed up and confused but i feel like sharing it even tho no one responds <3
  4. Niki01


    Hi Iโ€™m Niki , So Iโ€™ve been in uni for 6 months now and since the 4th week I have been sleeping with this guy on and off. We have never made any boundaries or put a label on anything and Ik he is still sleeping round with other girls. I have also with guys but not one nights stands just starting to talk to people and when I do I stop having sex with him ( tho we stay friendly and still talk). But every time I try and move on or stop myself I always end up going back there As we always go out in the same clubs/pubs. We get on really well and our personalities match, like all my friends say โ€œthere is an obvious connectionโ€. A bit about him (J) - so J is 9 years older than me and lives just off campus, he has a reputation of sleeping around and he does drugs, which he knows Iโ€™m against and he appreciates my feelings and doesnโ€™t do it when Iโ€™m around. J has gone through a lot of trauma similar to me. ( my cousin killed herself not long ago and his mate done the same 5 years ago) although he is also dealing with cancer and going through his last phase of kemo. J has a mask on in public he is perceived as one of the best lads on campus and has a big personality. Although behind closed doors I can see heโ€™s struggling and he hides his true emotions. Every Saturday we go to karaoke in the local pub and he sings. And I mean he can sing, he has produced songs and albums etc. Anyways I just donโ€™t understand what is going on between us both and Iโ€™m too afraid to ask incase he ends things cause I do like him and enjoy what we have now and I donโ€™t want it to end although I donโ€™t know what to do about the whole situation. We always end up going bk to each others all his house mates love me (I meet up with them without him ) and they always say Iโ€™m the only girl he has brought home multiple times as he always ends things after one night. But I donโ€™t understand why cause he says he doesnโ€™t want a relationship or anything. He also says when weโ€™re laying in bed watching tv โ€œdonโ€™t catch feelings nowโ€ and I donโ€™t understand what he means by this is he waiting for me to admit thereโ€™s feelings or does he genuinely not want me to ? Iโ€™m just so confused and I donโ€™t know what to do or how to go around it.
  5. In year 6 the word gay was taboo, it was whispered like it was dirty, a naughty word that should not be repeated. It didn't help that our teacher taught us nothing about sexuality, I thought that something was wrong with me every time I stared at that one girl in my class. I was finally in the popular crowd though, after moving schools and being bullied, I was finally one of those girls that everyone wishes to be. I wasn't bad looking and I was often told of guys that liked me, which was very flattering, especially when you're at a young age. At the end of year 6 one of my 'friends' was pestering me so much about who did I have a crush on that I just randomly blurted out the name of a guy in our class. Now looking back at my class photo I can see he wasn't year 6 fantasy material. Still to this day, 4 years later, I am teased. It's funny though, I laugh about it with my friends. If you would like to hear more stories about my realisation that I am indeed not straight, comment and I will post one tomorrow night about year 7.
  6. Hey y'all, I am writing this because I keep questioning whether or not I will ever find love again and it is really making me doubt myself. please help me
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