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Do you ever feel like every day people put you in a box based on who they think you should be? It's not like I think I'm the only one or anything, but every day I feel trapped inside that box and I cant move an inch without scrutiny.  It's not like I can come out to anyone, because I'm still figuring things out and my mom is homophobic. The shi**y thing about this is that I feel like everyone is so focused on what I should be...especially when I dont act like it. Especially when the conversation turns to a future partner and I just wanna tell people the truth but I cant because I cant live five more years of my life knowing no one will see me for who I am, no matter what I identity as. It's always a label like boy or girl or nonbinary. Lesbian or gay or... WHATEVER but cant we just move beyond those things and just accept people as people...

I would say more but I think I said enough for one night. Sorry for the length I will hopefully do better next time🤗

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Hey @GovernorClaw2

Welcome to our community. I'm really glad you chose to share this with us because I think we all experience feeling boxed in at some point, especially when we haven't come out yet. It can be tricky to navigate, especially when you have to keep your identity a secret for whatever reason. I'm wondering  how are you coping with all of this, what feelings are you having about this experience? 

I know you've said your mom is homophobic, but would you still consider coming out even though she might have a negative reaction? I'm wondering, how do you think she feels about gender identity and transitioning? 


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