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Inconfident with myself, and feel lost without my ex


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Im currently struggling with myself. Im hating the way i currently look, the way my body looks and the way my face looks. Ive always told myself that its going to get better. But unfourtantley, it hasnt. Im desperate to get my lips, face, body altercated but at the same time i feel like the trolling will get continuously worse. I used to be one of the most confident people and wouldnt care what someone would say about me, especially after coming out on halloween i felt released, however now im terrified to even leave my house by myself as i know many people in my area dislike me for being an absoloute bitch in the past. I dont have alot of friends anymore either that can help me. I live in an area in the *************************, and theres not many people apart of the LGBTQ+ who i can relate to who are going through a similar thing.

Any advice?

Many Thanks, Jack X



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Hey @jackj

Welcome to our community. I'm one of the digital mentors here, and I give advice to our members 🙂

How are you feeling today? I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling with the way you look at the moment. It can be so hard when we feel like there is something wrong with our appearance, especially if we feel like we have to change ourselves to feel better. However, there can be power in trying to accept the things we don't like about ourselves and choosing to focus on what we feel are the positive aspects of our appearance. What do you think?

Also, with the trolling, can I ask, have you reported this to the social media platform that it's happening on? They might be able to help you.

Speak soon. 


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