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Introduction time!


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Hey guys!

You can call me Orion or Rye. I am afluix (afluidflux) and cassgenderfluid.

Now, a bit of an explanation:

Afluix means that my sexuality is very broad, spanning across the ace, aro and allo spectrum. This means I can be an oriented aroace, then an m-spec gay, then a aro pansexual, then a homoromantic ace, and the list goes on. Yes it is technically abrosexuality but I hate the label.

Cassgenderfluid is a combination of cassgender (not caring about your gender), genderflux (how much I care about it changes, I didn't include flux in the label for various reasons), and genderfluid (the gender changes, though it tends to stay in the non-binary umbrella)


Anyway thanks for reading! Have a nice day!

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