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  1. Hi! My name is PJ, It, or Ivy (please ask which one to use) I come from America (sadly) I use any and all pronouns (even neos!) except she/her (too much ) I love singing, doing digital art, making bracelets, colouring, etc. I use British English when I write cause it’s more aesthetically pleasing to me and I just enjoy the British English language I also sometimes write in Ender (The language of the Enderman) and will always link a translator/translation at the end of my post I have a cat named Wendy Darling (from Peter Pan) I joined cause I am in need of support and I hope to have my mental state improved by the safe space! That’s about it! DM me if you wanna talk or have any questions! ^^ Love you guys! /pl Please take care of yourselves and stay safe! ^^
  2. S-03


    Hi my name is Sasha. I’m 18 years about to 19. Recently I have been harass on social media and being accused by 3 usernames and it really hurts and I am here to tell my story.
  3. Hi, you can call me Wolfy, I'm 20 (plus few days) old girl that realized my true sexuality just recently, there was some clues from my childhood to now that I might not be straight, but I never thought that I'm bi, I just thought I'm weird, I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was five and diagnosed with autism when I was eleven, so I thought that it's something with my diagnoses than my sexuality. I just think I'm bisexual, but I'm not sure. I'm bisexual by the definition of bisexuality, but I don't feel like that definition sits with me. I'm more attracted to males than females, I'm more sexually attracted to males and more romantically attracted mo females. This goes for 2 or so years now. So am I bisexual or is this just a phase? PS:Thank you for reading this
  4. Hey there, my names Erica. Originally from Southern Illinois, USA. Las Vegas, NV has been my home for the past 3 years. Im 25/f. Recently married. My husband and I have been married since June 4th, 2021. Currently we have 3 (fur)babies. All cats. Back home im pretty sure I was known to be an aspiring "cat-lady"(I've had 14 cats at once, at one point). Chesterfield, Izzy(belly), and Mipsie are my life. I was in search of a community to better get an understanding of issues I've been having in my relationship and how to move forward, but I chose this community because I know thag love is not the only major enigma in my life and the very few, wonderful people I am closest with I feel don't fully understand where I'm coming from enough to effectively help me work it out. Also, I needed to find a community where real discussion could be had without the trolling you might find on reddit. Thanks to all who took a moment to read my intro(: Wishing all the best around the world, MrsParks6421
  5. Well, hello there, I call myself Onecore on the internet. I'm just another random kid who's trying to find things out. I'm shy but very talkative, so if anyone wants to talk, dang would I be happy. Now whoever is maybe interested, I'm a science nerd, beginner writer, metalhead, heavy electronic music and classical enjoyer (love music in general), I love it when people tell me about themselves (probably comes with being someone who enjoys learning) and I'm an open book. I hope I'm doing this right Have a nice day
  6. I'm a pansexual demi-girl ambivert i have a lot of mood swings idk
  7. Hi, I (19F) have recently started questioning my sexuality and it's been really confusing. I've always liked boys but lately, I've been open to other genders aside from men. I'm having a really hard time embracing who I am because I don't live in the most accepting home. A part of me has been suppressing these feelings for years because I don't any of my relationships around me to change. On a slightly lighter note, I just finished my first year of university, I used to be a dancer, I live in Canada, and I want to be a doctor someday!
  8. Hello my nickname is scooby (cousin gave it to me cause we was always watching scooby doo and it rhymes with my actual name). I'm from north america. My preferred pronouns are she/her but I have been questioning here lately. I am currently trying to learn a new language. I have a cat, snake, and two guinea pigs (technically three if you count my moms). Im here cause i dont really have any one in the community around me like i do but its hard to talk to them and im hoping to get help with questioning my bisexuality (idk if I worded that right). I tried talking to my step dad but hes straight (that has nothing to do with it besides the fact he doesn't understand anything i try and talk about.)
  9. April 16, 2022 Name: Caitlin Pronouns: She/her Age: 18 Likes: Pizza, Rock Music, Horror Movies, Makeup, Playing the Guitar, Mythology/Paranormal Dislikes: Boring People, Country Music A little about yourself: I study journalism at uni Any Questions Feel Free To ASK!
  10. Hello, everyone! I'm new here. As the title says, I go by Sprinkles online. I'm 17 years old, but I will be 18 in August. I'm from the USA. I'm non-binary, and I go by both she/her and they/them pronouns. My favorite hobbies are drawing and writing. I'm also a fan of the Sims 4 and Team Fortress 2. I like listening to all types of music, but I have a soft spot for electro-swing. I do have a pet, a calico cat named Chloe. Other facts about me: My favorite color is blue, my favorite numbers are 3 and 9, and my favorite genre is science fiction. Nice to meet you all! ^^
  11. Hey guys! You can call me Orion or Rye. I am afluix (afluidflux) and cassgenderfluid. Now, a bit of an explanation: Afluix means that my sexuality is very broad, spanning across the ace, aro and allo spectrum. This means I can be an oriented aroace, then an m-spec gay, then a aro pansexual, then a homoromantic ace, and the list goes on. Yes it is technically abrosexuality but I hate the label. Cassgenderfluid is a combination of cassgender (not caring about your gender), genderflux (how much I care about it changes, I didn't include flux in the label for various reasons), and genderfluid (the gender changes, though it tends to stay in the non-binary umbrella) Anyway thanks for reading! Have a nice day!
  12. Hello! I'm nicknamed Molly online :) I'm new here, and I'd just like to drop by and say hi! I'm looking forward to talking with people here, and helping out in general ^^ I'm a bisexual student (still in the closet for now ) who loves reading fantasy, romance, mystery, thriller, and adventure novels, as well as reading and writing fanfiction for multiple fandoms regarding games I absolutely love xD. As for my pronouns. I'm a cis female, but I don't mind being called; "They/Them" or "She/Her" and I'd love to dress up in feminine clothes on one day, and androgynous clothes on the other. I'm an INFJ :) I love pastel colors, especially pink, since childhood (although in childhood I always preferred hot pink - the color hasn't changed though, just the saturation). Likes: dogs, almost anything with chocolate, video games, reading, writing, drawing, singing, badminton, binge-watching anime. Dislikes: racism, violence, homophobia, inequality, corruption, candies in general (except chocolate), mathematics
  13. Hi! My name is Jess and I'm from the UK. My pronouns are either she/her or she/them (I'm not sure yettt). I love nature and animals, I like to crochet, I love music (indie and rock) and I practice electric guitar and bass in a beginner band. I don't have any pets currently but I'd love to have some :). I'm here because I'm confused (hence the username haha) about my sexuality and a little bit about my pronouns and I think it would be nice to talk to people about it and any shared interests! Thank you :)
  14. OldScars09


    Hello my name is Mia I'm 23 years old I like anime, reading, writing, and traveling Honestly, i'm just here to regain my confidence back and to heal from my childhood trauma.
  15. uh hi i'm blue veronica. my pronouns are she/him. i do art and writing. i like watching movies. currently in my first year of college. hoping to get support for the problems that are nagging me the most. thank u <3
  16. Hi! My name is DJ. I am twenty-four years old, and I have recently discovered (4 or 5 months ago) that I may possibly be bisexual or gay/queer. Just taking it one day at a time, I'm still new to this. I barely have friends irl, so I'm hoping to make some on here and seek advice as well.
  17. .


    Hi, I'm not really good at introductions (or anything in particular) so im sorry if you are reading this mess. I'm new here ; I joined today. I like art, calligraphy and watercolour and acrylic painting. I'm a kpop fan. I can be somewhat pessimsitic at times and sorta depressing. I'm socially awkward and have zero social intelligence. i would love to be your friend?
  18. hi everyone! i’m b my pronouns are she/her and i’m from canada!i spend most of my time doing anything that incorporates music. i joined the community because i like men and women but have only came out to my bestfriends so far. i need some guidance aswell, can’t wait to meet people :)
  19. Hello my name is ShyWeasel, I'm an artist and my pronouns are she/hers. I have a pet named midnight. I am a poc, darkskinned woman. and I am 21 years old. I'm here for self discovery and hopefully make friends if that is possible.
  20. poosheen


    hi everyone, im bi and my pronouns are she/her. i don't talk very much at school or in big groups so i haven't been able to connect with many queer people. i saw this link on a quiz site and im super bored so yeah haha! hopefully ill make a new friend or two and learn more about the lgbt+ community
  21. Hi friends, it's great to be here! I'm Jaime, but you can call me Rose if you'd like. I'm 18, and will be moving to a new city next month to pursue my education and career goals. More pertinent to this website, I am non-binary and gay (nblm), and I use they/them pronouns. I also strongly suspect that I have autism and ADHD, though this is all pending diagnosis (never allowed to get tested as a kid, rip lmao) As it pertains to my interests, music is really my biggest thing. I'm a semi-professional keyboardist, and have been playing for over a decade and gigging on a consistent basis for the past three years (with a pretty substantial break 'cause... y'know...). Outside of that, I'm a student-pilot, and an avid fan of retro tech, particularly music tech! In the meantime between now and college, I've been filling up my time with DoorDash (oh, the stories I could tell...) and songwriting! And, for anyone that cares about that kind of stuff, I'm an INFP-T, and a 4w5 on the enneagram. (also, if anyone thinks that my name seems familiar from another LGBTQ+ website, yes, I am that Jaime ) Anyway, it's nice to meet y'all!
  22. This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Suicide
  23. Hello!! My name is Jadon, I am 13 (nearly 14), gay, and headed to High School. Currently single, have never dated a boy but I have asked multiple guys out. One being straight (and would later on proceed to grope one of my friends boobs) and the other just didn't want a relationship (he was bisexual). I've had no luck in guys but I'm hoping it gets better in High School. I saw a bunch of possibly gay guys at registration so I'm just hoping for the best. I am out to all of my friends and family. By family. I mean the people I live with including my sisters (the little one is 7 so I'm probably gonna have to tell her again when she actually knows what gay means) and my parents. Right now, the most supportive person in my family is my big sister. She's 21 and has been the only one to address my sexuality in a good way. However my parents are a different story. My Dad is straight up homophobic. He says he doesn't care but I know deep down he hates it. He once yelled at me because I was posting selfies with the caption "Happy Pride!!!". He said stuff like "nobody cares about Pride" and "Nobody needs to know". "Stop acting all proud if you haven't told everyone". "There's nothing to be proud about". That's all stuff he's said to me. My Mom is slightly homophobic but she's still supportive. If I had to put my family on a scale based on homophobia, left being super homophobic and right being super supportive, my Dad would be on the left. My big sister would be on the right but not fully. She'd still be somewhat towards the left, and my Mom would be somewhere in the middle. I'm looking to tell my Grandmother but I don't know if she's homophobic. I think she is though because we were having a conversation about trans people and she kept saying stuff about how trans women aren't real women. So I already know she's transphobic but I'm not sure if she's homophobic or not. Anyways, that's me and that's my life so far. Thank you for your time and have a good day!!
  24. lilbibug


    Hello everyone! My name is Lil and I am on here to find help with coming out and how to learn to accept my sexuality!
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