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lgbtq ppl in college pls answer


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ok i think i posted this in the wrong place before so i'm putting it again here

i've been looking at colleges, but bc i'm gay a major concern of mine has been finding a place that's very lgbt friendly and, honestly, just has a lot of other gay ppl. i've heard that city schools r the place to go for that, but for me personally i just don't want to go to a city school: i rlly want to go to a traditional school with a real campus and i don't want to feel like i'm just living in the city, yk? i'm also rlly big on the traditional "college experience" with tailgating, football games, greek life, etc, so for that reason i don't rlly want to go to one of those all-girls liberal arts school (even tho a lot of ppl have told me they're basically a haven for gay girls). i just rlly want to go to a traditional co-ed school.

basically this is for any gay ppl who have already been thru the college process: what were ur experiences like? how do i look for a traditional college that will have a large population of other gay students, and will be lgbt friendly, without looking for a city school or an all-girls school? what places should i look at/avoid? 

i'm also interested in joining a sorority but ik that gay ppl and greek life don't always get along super well, so any gay ppl involved in frats/sororities i would rlly appreciate hearing about ur perspective and experiences. 

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