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I'm so done with my homophobic town

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I'm so done with my stupid homophobic classmates and town. Most of the teachers/admin at my school are religious/homophobic and so are a lot of the students. I've been harrased on and off for my sexual orientation since 7th grade (which was also the year I was sexually assaulted by a classmate) and a lot of the student population at my school thinks I'm gay even though I'm bisexual.

I'm a boy and I did come out to some of my classmates as bi in 10th grade but it was a mistake because now I am in 12th grade and now many people think I'm gay. Many want nothing to do with me because of it and it's made it difficult to date people of both sexes plus I'm autistic and am very socially awkward which often exacerbates the problem. You know the movie Forrest Gump and the scene where Jenny said she wanted to be a bird and fly away? That's how I feel like all the time now.

I hate living with my parents who are often emotionally cold towards me and one of my best friend's friend because he asked me out to prom last year and he kissed me while we were there. I felt so HAPPY that I was gonna experience what being with a boy was like but he ditched me after two days. The song hot and cold really describes the way he acts towards me and I am about ready to flip out towards him because it's been going on for months now. 

I just want my senior year to be a happy one but I don't think that will happen especially if I get a job. I just want someone to genuinely fall in love with me not fake it or pretend they like me but use it to bully me for daring to want to love someone. I'm tried of everyone's crap and I feel about ready to explode. 

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  • Digital Mentor

Hey there,

I’m one of the digital mentors here at the DTL community. I just want you to know that I’ve sent you a message to check in. Speak soon! 


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