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How someone knows their sexuality


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Hi everyone!

My name is ash & i’ve identified as a heterosexual hispanic woman my entire life. even through college. i recently began medical school and have become confused about if i am attracted to women or just so turned off by men recently because of past relationships. i know i still am attracted to men. but recently, the more i begin to think of women in my life as something more than just a friend, the more amazing the idea sounds. it’s just the sex part of being with a woman that kind of scares me. it’s also more confusing because i see all these tiktoks of people saying like “queer things that i did before i knew i was queer” and they lost off like experiencing some kind of best friend monogamy or like a sexless relationship. and i’ve experienced that. i don’t know. i know sexuality is a spectrum and i don’t need to label myself but i’m just confused. what are some things that clued you into identifying as a bisexual?

as always, i am so grateful to have a safe space to ask these kinds of questions and i appreciate everyone on this platform for taking the time to share your stories. 

sending love & light <3,


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Hey there,

Welcome to the DTL community; I'm one of the digital mentors here and I give advice to those who reach out to us :)

I think that your mind is definitely giving you stage directions to follow here; it sounds like this is something that you need to experience and explore in order to find out who you are; what do you think about that? Some people just know their sexuality from the get go, but many others need that exploration in order to really focus in on who they are, and that's perfectly okay and normal. 


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