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i don’t know how to deal with myself


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yesterday i found out my boyfriend has cheated on many of his other girlfriends and that he wants to have sex. i’m not ready for that yet, and i don’t know if he will understand. he says he’s ok with it, but i can feel that he isn’t. i started cutting again today, i’m not suicidal and haven’t been in a while, but it makes me feel in control of my body by showing myself that i am able to harm it. i know i shouldn’t, but it feels so good when i can see the lines i make on myself.

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I can hear that cutting feels like a release for you, but have you tried some other options that are safer? Could you try getting a red sharpie and making the same lines, this would not scar you and minimises your risk for infection or accidental serious harm. What do you think? What safer ways could you get this control? You are in control of your body. Here are some other safer alternatives https://www.ditchthelabel.org/15-safer-alternatives-to-self-harm/ for you to try.



I'm sorry you've found these things out about your boyfriend, I understand why this would make it difficult for you to trust him. There is no rush at all to have sex and you should never feel pressure to have sex before you are ready. It really does not matter if he is okay with it, in order to have sex you have to have consent so it is vital both partners feel ready and comfortable. It is meant to be fun so wait until the right time.


I hope this helped.



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