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Double friend groups.... what to do?

Lauren or Tom    

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So at school, I have two friend groups. One from my class and the others are not in my class.

I've known the class group since the start of the year and as my confidence grows the more I want to go out and make new friends (which is this other group of friends). In the group, that's not in my class, is a transgender boy that I'm trying to get confident around cause I'm trans I think????? He's super nice and all but I'm extremely shy around him.

I just follow him and the group around to grow my confidence which seems to work.

But at the same time, I have the other group who I've gotten a bit bored with cause I just sit and do nothing.

I could just sit with one group one lunch and the other lunch I sit with the others but sometimes I enjoy the first lunch with a certain group so I sit with them again with tends to be the group that's not in my class.

What do I do?



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Hey Tom,


I think it's really great that you have two friendship groups you like to spend time with. It is natural that as you start to mature and develop different interests that you would like to branch off and meet some more people. It is also very hard to juggle different friendship groups too. I think it's important to not burn any bridges - if these friends always used to be there for you then just communicate with them that you are looking forward to meeting some new people but that they still matter to you a lot. As we grow older our friendship group will naturally change and evolve.


Could you split your time between them effectively or have you tried bringing the groups together at all they might all get on?


As for growing in confidence, as you said, it might just take a little while to feel as comfortable with the new group, you are all still sussing one another out, and the boy was really nice to you before so hopefully, you will build a longlasting friendship. Just be yourself and I'm sure they will love you.



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