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Feelings are a nuisance


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I feel so useless lately, It's half term at school atm and I've done nearly no work because it feels pointless. I've been trying to deal but I keep just falling under and into that weird void space in the brain where time seems to pass too quickly and not at all simultaneously, and I keep missing therapy and I can't sleep at night and I seem to be failing to even maintain my relationship right now. And arghhhhh. I just needed somewhere to say all this.

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Hey Beaca,


Welcome to community - totally get why you want to get some of this out!


Half term can be weird, it's a break in our normal routine and suddenly we have to self-motivate. So don't be too annoyed at yourself it's natural to feel a bit strange this week. When I imagine having to do work I always imagine it like a massive cake - you can't eat the whole thing at once, you have to do it one slice at a time. So just set yourself a tiny goal and achieve it and then hopefully it won't all feel so overwhelming - what do you think?


Also remember your half term is to relax as well, so blow off some steam, take a bit of time to yourself, it sounds like you deserve to.


As for therapy, is there a reason you are missing it? Has it helped you in the past? Forget the times you have missed it in the past and they are gone now and there is no point worrying over something you cannot change. When is your next appointment? Do you see anything stopping you from being able to go it? If so, how can we work at removing these barriers? If you feel it will help you then remember to just 'chose yourself' and go.


We can't be winning at everything all at once. So maybe it's just that you can't devote as much time right now to your relationship because of everything else that is going on for you. This is okay!!! Try and communicate this to your partner if you can.


Here if you need me,



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