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A lil mixup


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So m new to this but ill try. 
M a girl and so far ive only ever had crushes on guys, there were times when i’d think a girl is attractive or wtvr but i could never think of any girl “sexually” but then last year i met this one girl and i cannot stop thinking about her. It kinda messed up my mind bcz well i used to think i was heterosexual and wtvr but then there she was and all of a sudden m into a girl. And since i found out that m attracted to her, i’ve been trying to figure out whether m actually into girls. But the thing is i still cannot think about other girls in a sexual way so WTF. 

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Hi, welcome to the Ditch the Label community!  🙂 I am Catsup, one of the support mentors.  That does sound confusing since you do not normally feel that way towards girls.  Have you heard of sexuality being on a spectrum?  Maybe you identify yourself as mostly attracted to guys, but like you said here, there might be exceptions for certain girls.  Do you think that describes you at all, or have you thought of other ways you might describe yourself at this point?

It is okay not to be sure right now, and for sexuality to change over time.  What are your thoughts?


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