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New country, New Uni, New people

Lila Β  Β 

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Well let's start saying that I have this irrational (I would say) fear of doing things alone/by myself, I see people my age going alone to whatever place, using the public transport, etc. But for me this "simple" and "ordinary" activities are quite stressful, I suddenly feel under a spotlight and awkward and start thinking about scenarios that haven't and probably won't occur like getting lost (I have a phone and apps like-) or fallingΒ  or tripping in the subway stairs and even if they happen i know it wont be the end of the world. It's kind of hard to go out by myself. This next next week I'll start the Uni and will have to go alone and ill be with people that I don't know and I'll start living alone in the city, there are lots of changes and things out of my comfort zone. I'm excited but afraid but excited lol.

Any tips? Advice? Encouraging words?Β 

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Hey Lila,

Thank you for opening up to us about your struggles. It sounds like you're worrying about quite a few things on a daily basis, and to me, it sounds like you might be feelings anxious in these moments. What do you think about that? Do you know what anxiety is?

Also, even though you are afraid of the changes and being out of your comfort zone, as you said, you are still excited, and by facing our fears, we get over them pretty quickly. So, going into this new chapter of your life, I'm going to say, feel the fear AND do it ANYWAY! You have got this, and by having the courage to face your fears, you will grow and become more resilient. What do you think?


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