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How does this even add up..


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I left a forum, due to descriptives.


Many of us come from diverse backgrounds. I was kicked off the forum for mentioning my race, and how i was being bullied by other races.


I do know that in many countries, no one really cares about other cultures except their own. But to open a forum and lie saying: "We're diverse" "We're multicultural", is a bunch of baloney if you can't mention your own race or culture. Especially if one is "multi-racial" like every one is anyway.


What really bothered me, was a member read my posts.. Because i was eloquent, intelligent, spoke of fitness, diet/exercise, sought after by males, having a nice home/car, etc. He thought i was white. He later apologized by PM, saying so.. But it still bothered me. What bothered me was the fact that he, like other cultures, feel you can't be successful/intelligent unless you are "stereotypical" a "sell out" "uneducated" or unattractive and obese. It's the only way most minorities make it successfully, according to his thinking.


I received my second warning, and i had enough. The second warning kind of went like this. " You can't say your race, so you've used euphemisms instead. This is unacceptable if you use a euphemisms as well. Say your culture or a euphemism again, and we will ban you."


That torqued me. I couldn't identify myself, nor the people that bullied me. So i left that forum.. I asked for my account to be deleted.


I'm not going to say "I wish them well, because, i don't"..


Rant over.





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Hey SillyMe,


Welcome to Community! What an important thing for you to share...


I'm so curious as to why that forum didn't feel like your experiences due to your race were not important or a valid part of discussing bullying.


We have so much to learn about the variety of cultures this world holds. We hope you find this a safe place to share and discuss all about your lived experience.




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