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Can anyone help me with figuring out who I am. I’m confused with everything about my sexuality/gender.


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Well not that I'm such a specialist I mean I myself had to ask some questions here... But I think you should make up different situations and see how you'll react to them... Other really good idea which worked for me is listening to music(songs such as 'thanks go you introduced me to your sister' or 'there for you' and even lil nas x' songs).. U can also read books in wattpad and see if this is what you feel the closest to you... Even if you don't find yourself from the beginning don't worry... At first I thought I was trans and it turned out I was non binary... We just need some time to figure ourselves out.. And there is nothing wrong with that.. I wish you luck and I hope you understand yourself sooner... But sooner or later I know you'll be happy 😉✨✨

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