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  1. I usually just start sketching random shapes and see if i can make something that gives me an idea, or i just draw dragons. thats my inspiration.
  2. Hobbies. So. Ive been doing a LOT of writing, drawing, painting, singing, lego animals (for my brother's lego city), and a lot of costume making.
  3. Pretty good... So far. Its to early to tell (its 9:00 am here)
  4. The real present is getting to be your self with no risks, even if its just for a night.
  5. I've tried, but she refuses to listen and nothing changes
  6. Hey, so just an update. My mom's been telling me to 'give in to being female' and she's been a lot stricter and has been yelling at me and my brother a lot more lately, especially since my dad moved out. It doesn't help that my brother isn't doing well in school and is trying to get in to collage/university. My mom involves me in every argument, and I just cant handle it.
  7. What is everyone going to be for halloween?
  8. How about "lovers in a dangerous time" by the Barenaked ladies. (why is their band name so weird)? And have u listened to the rem yet???
  9. Thnx Should we add more music too the music chat?
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