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My partners best friend won’t stop hitting on them.


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so my partner and i are serious. his best friend will not stop hitting on them. they have set their boundaries, but he just keeps going. they have been friends for years, and my partner doesn’t want to cut off the friendship, but they are willing to do it because he isn’t respecting boundaries. he keeps sending them love letters in their first language. my partner has told me they like it when i’m possessive. i want to step in and talk to him and tell him to stop, but i don’t want to cross a line. any advice?

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Thank you for sharing this. I think that this has to be down to your partner to sort; it can become quite tricky when such a boundary is crossed, so if possible, it might work best to let him deal with it. What do you think? How is all of this making you feel by the way? It must be pretty frustrating. 


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