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Work is killing me.


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Work is killing me. I've been working at the same company for 3 years, since the store I'm working at first opened. Since I got hired, I've moved to learn nearly every position in the team member side of things, and have subsequently been made a trainer and then sent out to work for corporate a few times to train new employees and open stores. About a week ago, I interviewed for a promotion and was turned down, but yesterday, I had to save the store during an inspection because I'm constantly the only person who has their shit together and today, when a corporate official stopped by they paraded me around like their prized show pony to impress the dude and make sure that everything was done correctly. I somehow manage to dazzle everyone on the corporate side of things, but no one in my store wants to help me get any further in the company, refusing me raises and promotions, even though I'm the most qualified candidate. It's driving me up the wall and making me want to quit.

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Hey The Writer,


Wow, your drive and perseverance is incredible. You really learned the ins and outs of the workplace and demonstrated that you're interested in furthering your career.


It sounds like corporate, and your immediate workplace sees your skills and efforts, but aren't compensating you fairly for it.


Because they aren't ready to promote you, you must consider what you're willing to sacrifice. You could think only about your job-- not invest past what your position requires. Have they increased your wages for every new component they expect from you (being a trainer, and such)?


Have you asked corporate what you would need to do in order to receive a promotion/more responsibilities?






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