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Am I ugly or just insecure?


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For the past few years, I’ve had problems with my insecurities and bad self esteem. I also feel veryyyy ugly sometimes. Could this be because I’m insecure or just actually have some huge face flaws?  
I’m sometimes worried about going outside to the shops or for a walk because of my face, so I wear a mask to hide it. 

Does anyone think things like a better haircut or makeup will improve my confidence and how I look, or will the change just be like getting something new but things going back to normal after a while (insecure). 

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My advice is do whatever makes you feel comfortable as most people on the street will never see you again so wont bother to judge you (tho idk why they would your perfect)

Just do what you think will help you be more confident and just know that a random person on the internet who doesnt even know who you are knows you are beautiful and the best you possible!


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  • Digital Mentor

Hey @Hmmmm

Welcome to our community. I'm one of the digital mentors here which basically means that I give advice and support to those who reach out to us 🙂

It's interesting that you ask whether these feelings are because of insecurities or because of huge face flaws. I'm wondering, what do you think the answer is? What does your gut feeling tell you? 


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