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  1. C3C3

    Good day

    I had a good day. I read like 2 or 3 chapters of "Red, White, and Royal Blue", I'm now in the middle of chapter 8 I think. It is now my new favorite book. I'm about finish chapter 8 after posting this. So, my day was good. I had IHOP this morning and now we are on a road trip back home from Galveston. We made a stop around an hour ago and I got soda and sour skittles. Here is the thing. Red, White, and Royal Blue is the best book I've read in my whole life I started reading it on Sunday around 1 or 2 AM. So, it's Tuesday, I am only around probably one or too chapters away from being halfway done. This might be the fastest I will ever finish a book. I love it so much. The fact that I was able to walk out of the bookstore with my grandma without her noticing it was a boyxboy novel while she got a catholic book. How was anyone else's day?
  2. Chapter 4 First Date *Buzz, buzz, buzz* “Oliver, how unexpected of you unless you found something in my old room.” I say to him. “Well, I haven’t found anything, I just wanted to see what you are doing this weekend.” He says to me. “I don’t think so, why?” I ask extremely curious. “Well, I was wondering if I could take you out for the day, and maybe take you for dinner as well.” he says to me. “Wait, so are you asking me out on a date?” I quiz him. “Yeah, I guess I am. So, what do you say?” He asks. YES!!!!!, I’m going on a date at the weekend. “Ok, when and where should I meet you?” I asked him. “Meet me at your old place around 10-ish" he tells me. “Ok, I’ll be there.” I exclaim. “Ok, I can’t wait to see you.” He says. “Bye.” “Ok, bye” I say and hang up. “Mum, Dad, I'm going on a date at the weekend with a kid from school called Oliver and he is really nice, I think you will like him because he and his adoptive parents are the ones who moved into our old house, and I will be leaving around 10, if that’s ok with you.” I inform them. “Yes, that’s perfectly fine, you do realize that you don’t have to ask our permission to go on a date. Just as long as you bring him back here afterwards,” my mum says “Well, he said he was also taking me out to dinner.” I say, excitedly, “I just can’t wait.” *** “Hi,” I say, “WOW, you look stunning, how did I manage to find someone as amazing as you in the space of a few months.” he exclaims. “I’m not sure but you are very lucky to have found me” I say jokingly. “Are you ready then?” He asks me. “Yeah, I'm ready to spend the whole day with you, although, my adoptive parents want me to take you home with me to meet them.” I informed him. “I can’t wait to meet them because they sound amazing.” He says to me I turn away from him quickly because I can feel myself starting to blush. “Let's go then” he says. “We don’t want to miss the start of the film now do we?” he says to me. Cinema and Dinner, he really knows how to spoil me. It is all I could ever wish for on a first date. “The film we are going to see is a romance film” he tells me. “Oh, what film is it?” I ask “You’ll just have to wait and see” he tells me, “Please just give me a little hint at least.” I say to him. “Sorry, no can do.” He exclaims. I’m so full of excitement and curiosity that I am close to bursting at the seams. *** “Here we are.” He tells me. “Cinema De Lux, did you secretly know that this is my favourite place or something?” I asked him, “Well, it’s not that hard to guess with the number of times you have mentioned it at school” he says “Oops” I giggle. As we walk inside, he takes my hand, and a shiver runs down my spine because I have never done this before, and it is giving me an adrenaline rush. “Two tickets for Oliver Blackmon.” He says to the receptionist. “Here you go, enjoy the film you two.” She says to us As we turn and walk towards the escalator, I hear her say to her colleague, “they are such a cute couple aren’t they Sarah.” We finally reached our screen and I noticed that the film is Twilight. “Aw, this is my favourite film.” I say to him “I know it is, so I booked the whole screen just for you.” he tells me. “You are just the sweetest.” I say to him He replies with a kiss that takes my breath away. “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” He said. “Don’t worry about it, I'm not complaining which means...” I said and kissed him. “Wow. You don’t waste time do you.” Oliver said. “Life’s too short to waste time.” I said to him. After the film, he took me to a posh restaurant and he paid for everything even though I told him that I would pay half of it, but he decided to pay for it himself when I went to the toilet, but I told him that I would pay him back. “Look, Axel, there is no need for you to pay me back, Like I said the other day, ‘I will take you to dinner’, which meant that I would be paying instead of you.” He said to me. “Oh, ok, well, if you’re sure.” I said to him. I checked my watch to see what time it was, ‘20:30pm’ “it’s getting pretty late; would you like to stay at my place for the night?” I asked him. “Yeah, if your parents are okay with that.” he said. “Well, before I left this morning, they said that I don’t need to ask their permission anymore.” I told him. “Wow, they sound absolutely amazing.” He exclaimed. *** “Mum, Dad, I’m home and I’ve brought someone with me.” I say to them “We’re in the living room” Says my mum, “We’re just watching the tv.” “This way.” I said to Oliver “Mum, Dad, this is Oliver, the one I was telling you about the other day.” I tell them. “Hi, Mr. and Mrs...” he says “Leader, dear.” my mum says “what a nice young man you are Oliver. I can tell that we will get along just fine.” “Mum, will you please stop being embarrassing?” I plead “Spoil sport” she harks at me. We sit there for roughly 2 hours talking about what we did today and getting to know each other more and become better acquainted with one another. “it’s getting late, why don’t you two head upstairs and get some sleep.” My dad said. “Ok, see you both in the morning then.” I say to them sleepily. “Follow me, Oliver.” We climbed the stairs to my room slowly and when we entered my room, I realized that my bed was too small so I offered the bed to Oliver saying that I would sleep on the floor, but he wouldn’t let me sleep on the floor. “If anyone’s going to sleep on the floor, it will be me” he said to me “No because you are my guest and I want you to be comfortable while you are here.” I said to him “Well, we could always squeeze in together” he said. “It might work but only if you feel comfortable with it.” I say to him. “I don’t mind, I would never share a bed with anyone unless it’s you.” He says to me, smiling which makes me blush. “Well then neither do I” I tell him. End of Chapter 4
  3. Well, Here it is at last The story that I promised everyone. Chapter 1: The big news. Abandoned “What! Why are you only just telling me this now? Why now after all these years?” I had so many questions. I am in the front room with my parents because they said that there is something I need to know. “Sit down please love” my mum asks, but I can’t, I’m too nervous, I can’t help but think; “what if they are kicking me out?” “Are either of them seriously ill? Is that why they want to talk to me? To tell me that one of them doesn’t have long left to live?” “Please just sit down, just take a seat while we tell you what we have to.” “Oh Lord, here we go” I think to myself. “We aren’t your real parents.,” my dad says, not meeting my gaze, instead staring at the floor. “We wanted to tell you sooner, but we weren’t sure how you would handle this news,” he says. My eyes widen, “we aren’t your real parents” bounces around my head like a tennis ball. “But... I have lived with you for so long … what happened for me to be here?” I ask, both curious and confused, how could they not be my parents, they have raised me for the last 16 years. “Axel, love, the reason you ended up with us is because...” my “mum” says but doesn’t finish. “Because what? Please tell me because I need to know what happened,” I say, she continues, “... well, when you were around 6 weeks old, your mother abandoned you on the hospital doorstep and never came back for you, so you were put up for adoption and we took you in because we were unable to have children of our own,” she tells me. “Abandoned,” I say, a little shocked, “why did she abandon me? Couldn’t she look after me?” I ask. “We don’t know why she abandoned you, we were only told what we just told you,” my “dad” says. “I want to find her.” I tell them, “At least then if I do find her, I can find out why she abandoned me and understand this better,” I say, “What was her name?” I ask. Her name is Nattalie Howlett. Do you think you will be able to find her?” my adoptive mother asks. “I hope I can find her, because then I can put my mind at rest, knowing why she abandoned me.” I say, my cheeks become waterfalls, “Thank you for looking after me all these years, you have been like a real family to me, I will never forget you.” I manage to eventually say, relieved that now I can search for my mother. The End of chapter 1. Please don't judge my story making skills. Can someone please help me brainstorm ideas for the rest of the story because I don't want it to end just here.
  4. Allright, here is part 2 Chapter 2: Moving Day “Is that everything loaded into the van?” my adoptive mother asks. “I believe so, let me just double check every room really quick.” I reply. It is moving day, at long last. We are finally selling up and getting a bigger house because the 3-bedroom house we currently live in is too small for a growing teen such as myself. “I’ll meet you there, I just want to go to and say goodbye to some of my friends first.” I tell him. “Ok, if, you’re sure. Do you know the way?” My adoptive father asks. “Yes dad, of course I know where it is, I mean, I go past it every day on the way to school” I tell him. “I’m really going to miss this place, we have been here for so long and we have made so many memories here,” I think to myself. Slowly, I walked to my friend's house to tell him that he won’t see me around the neighborhood anymore but that he will still see me at school when suddenly.... *Bump* I stop. “I am so sorry, it is completely my fault, I wasn’t looking where I was walking” I say. “Honestly, it’s Ok don’t worry about it, mate” He replied, in a voice so soft and angelic that it didn't sound real. I look up. WOW, he is so beautiful that I have to keep turning away to stop myself blushing. “Are you Okay?” He asks, “y-y-yeah, I’m fine, are you okay?” I say. “I’m fine just a little bit …...” he says but doesn’t continue. “What?” I ask curiously. “I’m just a little bit... I think.... Will you go out with me?” Wait What! Did I hear that correctly? Are my ears deceiving me right now? “s-s-s-sure, I didn’t catch your name” I reply. “My name's Oliver, what is your name?” he says “My name is Axel, you have a cute name” I say, “I haven’t seen you around here before” “Yeah, I only moved here recently.” Oliver says. “Where do you live? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to” I say to him. “I will be living in that house down there with the ‘for sale’ sign out front” he says, I instantly know he is talking about my old house. “Well, I hope you love living there, I used to live in that house with my adoptive parents, but we decided to buy a bigger house because they said that I need extra space for things like my hobbies and studies” “Oh, which room was yours?” He asks “Mine was the room on the top floor. Which one is yours going to be?” I ask. “The one on the top floor” he replies “If you find anything in there please let me know. Here is my number just in case” I say and give him my number. “I’ll make sure I ring you if I find anything” Oliver replies. “Before you go, did you say that you are adopted? I mean, I wasn’t sure if I heard you correctly.” “Yeah, I have been living with my adoptive parents since I was 6 months old” I tell him “How about you? How are your parents?” I ask. “I am the same as you, I live with my adoptive parents” He says. OMG I can’t believe I am dating someone who is adopted like me. End of Chapter 2 I hope you like chapter 2. Chapter 3 will be following on very soon so keep your peepers peeled Every character is fake and I own the copyright to the characters in this book.
  5. Do any of you have an opinion on Shifting Realities? It's basically where you're said to be able to shift your mind to a different body in a different universe. I've done all the 'steps' that people tell me to take, but I've been attempting to shift for a year now and nothing has been happening. Do you think that I could be doing it wrong? Or is it just fake? There's no way to prove it's real or fake, but please give me an honest opinion so I can either keep trying or stop living in a daydream world that just won't come true!! Thanks, Bella The Bookworm
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