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Fancy a rant?


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I thought it would be good to set up a new rant topic. Feel free to go off on one about whatever is winding you up! We are here to listen :)


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Does it annoy anybody else, that schools don't talk about mental health and the LGBTQ+ community? (at least in our country they don't). Like, they should talk about mental illnesses, questioning your gender/sexuality, and everything related to that topic. Instead, they just mention it briefly and move on. And by briefly mentioning it, I mean they don't. The only time, when we were ever educated on mental health, was during the "mental+emotional+physical health are all important" subject, but all that was talked about mental health was stress. Like it's the only mental illness, that you could have! It's such a huge part of everybody and schools do not talk about it. I just hate it!

Also, I think that homophobia could be very rare, maybe non-existent if schools educated the young generation on the LGBTQ community. An example from my own life:

When I was in the second grade (I'm in the eighth grade now) there was a rumor about a lesbian in our school. The rumor was "there is a girl who likes other girls" and I found it very weird and not-okay. Even not-possible. Later, thinking back, I know, what the girl felt because I also recently accepted myself as a lesbian/bisexual and I feel bad for her. She was looked at as a weirdo, just because she was different and other kids around her weren't taught to accept and cherish those types of differences.

Also, I was talking to a young relative of mine recently (third-grader) who said this exact sentence (translated to English, by me): "Can I tell you a secret? In my aunt's class (her aunt is about 18) there are some girls, who like other girls!" "What about it," I asked. "Isn't it a little weird and disgusting?" she replied.

Of course, I don't blame her, since you despise what is unknown (I also did the same thing, her age) but it's just sad, that people still think that, even young children, who shouldn't give a damn about those things. And mostly because they aren't told anything abut it in school.


Sorry for the long story but this is just something, that I constantly rant to my dad about (the only person that I can rant to since my friends also do not get the importance of mental health and follow the stereotype: "every single person who sees a therapist/is mentally ill, is a murdering psychopath").

Hope I didn't annoy y'all too much.

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Hey @Mammu


Yep, you're absolutely right. Education equals knowledge, and knowledge means power. I do like to think that society is slowly getting better at mental health and LGBTQ+ awareness. It will take time to get to where it needs to be, but mental health is definitely part of the conversation now more than ever. However, schools deffo need to be more on it when it comes to education in all of these areas.


Also, you touch on a really important point by saying that people can despise what they don't know, so through representation and building knowledge, we can help to get society to the point where it needs to be. Keep fighting the good fight, Mammu. You're deffo an advocate by the sounds of it :)

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The only things my school does is most assemblies doing the same slideshow asking what we know about anxiety and depression and on the door of the toilets there is a poster telling peeps to join an LGBTQ+ google classroom which if you joined all the teachers and some other students (if anyone actually joined) then know that u r not straight. Bruh.

I have a mini rant also - 


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