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Did I deserve this?


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I was hanging out with a group of girls that told me they were going to do weed in the school on homecoming night. I got concerned and wanted to help them, so I told the principle. Then, I heard rumors that one of the girls was talking about me behind my back. I got mad, and told this girl what I had told the principle. Of course, she went straight to the girls and told them what I had said. Today, the girls and about 10 other girls that I didn't even know cornered me into a locker and started slamming and harassing me. They were talking about my mom, and how much of a "bitch" I am and that I'm "fake". I've been through mental health issues in the past but this is a whole different story. I am confident but this stresses me out to no end and I'm not good with finding ways to relieve it. Please help.

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Hey Madalinedrr,


Welcome to Community. ?


Firstly i want to say you did not in any way deserve what happened and I'm proud of you for sharing your story here. It can be so easy to keep this stuff to ourselves and just internalise it which always ends up feeling like it's our fault and we are to blame. Which you are not.


Do you have family members you can also talk to about what has happened? As well as getting support here and I want to make sure you have support from those around you too.


This article has some good tips on what to do if it happens again. Have a read and let me know if it's helpful




Also this one too.



Im so sorry to hear that your principle totally failed to give you any constructive support/advice or act on what happened to you. Are their any other teachers that you feel safe enough and trust enough to talk it through with? To see what they suggest you do.


It is extra painful when people bring our family into the bullying and they had no right to do that with what they said about your mum. It shows me that they were desperate to make sure they hurt you. ?


Sending you a big virtual hug, regardless of whether they agreed with your actions it is never ok to treat someone like that. Never, ever.


Well done for seeing that you have to take action to process and deal with this. It would be too much for anyone and we are never ever meant to face this stuff alone.


We care about you and want you to know we are here. ?


Sending so much positivity and support your way. ?'?


-peach311 ??

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You completly did the right thing by telling the principal, and no you didn't deserve what the girls did to you.

It's such a shame that the principal isn't helping you, hopefully there is a teacher or an adult who you can trust and who can help you through this difficult time.


Stay strong! X

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