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Can't believe this (big rant, harsh language)


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My mom knows a boy who's dressed as a girl for years. He's only 9, he's trans. Their mom fully supports it. No troubles.

My mom has just informed me that the school has chucked them out for it!! I went to this school when I was younger. My sisters went to that school when they were younger. I really liked that school, as did they. I'm utterly fucking enraged. They're 9 years old. They've been chucked out the school. That'll stick with them for a LONG time. They're really upset and so is their mom. When I heard the news, I cried a bit. I got so so angry. Last night, I went to the universities LGBT social. It was drag night. I had such a fantastic time. I felt really at home and really supported by them and the club hosting the LGBT night. Now this has happened. Brutal reminder that not everywhere cares for everyone. I can't believe someone went 'yep. Let's kick them out because they wear girls clothes but they're a boy. Yeah. Fuck their education'.


I'm so so enraged. .

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Hey Marv,


Yeah, I feel you, this sucks, this is disappointing and this shouldn't be happening.


Your tears, your anger and your frustration are so valid and I'm so glad you had a safe space to go and share this news with. Are you able to speak to the person and offer your support? Sometimes just knowing that there is support for you is such a great feeling in the face of adversity.


How was your weekend?



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I'm not able to personally, but my mom is. She and my best friend, transgender, has sent them some links to groups and websites to try and help. Bless them.


My weekend, that weekend, was absolutely great! It's weird, I've come from a school and place where I never spoke about my sexuality. Now, at that Pride social, I was just so... me. It was so weird, I loved it.

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