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soo 3 three people blocked me and 1 unfriended me on fb for no reason. A, M, J and K never responded to my messages. Maybe Ill just talk to them at the Animezement next year to get them to talk to me because im getting sick and tired of people blocking, ignoring my messages and unfriending me when I'm trying to be nice. Im tired of being alone. I'm a Extrovert. I don't care of they're busy with school and work. I'm sitting in my apartment doing nothing. I don't have a car. They think I'm harassing them. So ridiculous.

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@prolific05 Some people can be wary of adding people that they don't know too well. And we all use FB very differently, some people add everyone and others... not so much. Try not to take it too personally as I doubt it was meant that way.


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hello, I also think they may be wary of you on facebook and social media since they're not familiar with you and don't know you, since you did mention that you just met in college and anime convention. I understand that you're an extrovert and that it may be difficult to sit still when no one is chatting with you, but I think it would be good to consider that not everyone is blocking you because they don't like you. Maybe on your side, you're reaching out to them and trying to be nice and friendly, but on theirs, it may be creepy or annoying. This is my personal take on it since I have felt this way before when extroverted people tried to talk to me. I hope this is not insulting or offensive in any way.

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