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My friends are ganging up and making fun off me all the time


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My friends who are twins have lately always been making fun of everything i do one of them who iam less closer to i am fully starting to hate she always negative and depressing to be around and the one im closer soth only thinks about herself and how shes feeling she never considers the fact that she may b hurting me. For example the other day i wrote a story that i was really proud of and was excited to share with them but they just picked it apart and told me that it was awful and it made me feel really shitty. Today i wore a scarf that looked like the school uniform but it wasnt and my twin im closer with asked me if it was and i said it wasnt and she wouldnt beleive. Me and just couldnt let the fact go even when i asked her to stop and then out of onow where the other twin has to bring it up and make fun of me to. I have tried to talk to them about it multiple times and they either blame me and make it my fault or the just say they dont want to talk about it. I dont know what to do i still really like one of the twins and if i stop talking to them i will have struggles with the rest of my group. 

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Hey @Swimer171

Thank you for reaching out to us. I'm one of the digital mentors here and I give advice to those who come to us for support. I'm sorry to hear that your friends are making fun of you. I think that sometimes, people may not know where to draw the line with humour. This is why it's so helpful to talk about your feelings, however, I can see you did that to not much success which must have been hurtful for you. i'm wondering, how are you feeling about all of this? It must be pretty hurtful for you. I hope you're okay. Take care and speak soon. 


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