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  1. Just seems that whenever I open TikTok I'm sucked in and before I know it, it's like 3 hours have just vanished and I end up coming away feeling really low. Like the comment sections seem to be so toxic, I've seen so many people get death threats and literally the worst kinds of abuse. Just makes me wonder if it's actually good for me to be on there or not? I did post a video once and it ended up on the fyp and I started to get a bit of abuse so I just deleted it straight away. Like I do find some of the content funny but it just gets spoiled by toxic people. Am I the only one that thinks this?
  2. well... I used to be "best friends" with a girl since 7th grade and we became really close like sisters and as we came close to the time of our high school we became kinda distant I used to hangout with her and some of her new friends... most of them were hers. and we became a group of 4 girls . I always felt like I was in the group but I really wasn't ... I felt like I didn't belong there and I felt left out. I made 2 new friends who were from different schools and they are really nice... I really appreciate having them. It's not the fact that she became more close to her other friends I was actually pretty okay with that ... It's just the fact that she barely even talked like we used to... Now we're in our Senior year and we had a summer break last month ... she texted me after a whole month for homework... no hey! "how have you been?" and "what are you up to lately?" the text was can you send me the work? ... my kind ass decided to help her cause... "not bragging" I love to help anyone if they need it. So I sent her few texts about the assignment and then left her on seen which was not intentional... i was out at a cafe and was reading a book ... then I saw her text the other day she texted " you should have some audacity to reply back". those exact words made the the fire blew up that was settled inside of me for a couple of months i mean how can she talk to me like that! I don't owe her anything ... I knew my worth and i wanted myself to be treated right so... I decided that I don't want this friendship or whatever in the hell sake it was ... I was over it and I feel so much better . I just feel like i wasted enough of my time in one sided friendship... but i guess it was just a chapter of my life and there are so many other people in the world that I haven't met ...yet those might become the right one's that I need in my life.
  3. I am currently a college student trying to find housing for next year. the people i initially was going to live in an apartment with turned toxic and cliquey, so I decided yesterday to find other people to live with. This has been really anxiety inducing and a tough decision (though I know it's for the better). It would have been more convenient to live with those people because I already know all of them, but I know it wouldn't be good for my mental health. I put out a message on my school's social platform that I was looking for roommates, and I'm feeling restless because no one has messaged me yet even though it has only been two days. I have until May 18th or so to get a group, but the thought of possibly not getting housing is eating at my soul. I have also decided I don't want to be friends with two of the people in that group. I've had a feeling for months now that these are not my kind of people and they are too abrasive and negative for me. I want to distance myself from them, but I have most of my classes in common with one of them, we live on the same floor, and we have spent a lot of time together this academic year. How do I slowly reduce my time with them without making things awkward?
  4. my social relationships are so unfulfilling and toxic that i feel like there's something terribly wrong and unfixable with me to be constantly attracting these people. my current roommate A hates me for unknown reasons. she hates me so much that she blocked me. i don't even do anything!!! we had drama involving my other roommate B (who had to move out for unrelated reasons) in which she never said what she wanted/never communicated that she had a problem with anything I was doing and then got mad and passive aggressive towards me because I didn't do what she wanted. A and i haven't talked in months. A didn't say anything when B got bit by a raccoon, she didn't say anything when she found B's stuff was suddenly gone bc she had moved out and hadn't told her. then A just moved all her stuff where B's stuff used to be. THEN i had a brief romantic affair with this guy who kept ghosting me and then started dating a girl he hung out with while we were together literally 2 days after i broke up with him. they've been together 5 months now. i have never had a relationship. pretty sure the guy just used me for attention, so i can't say any guy has ever been attracted to me either. the fact that he's able to get a girl so easily and the fact that A has so many more friends than me makes me feel like i'm just incredibly defective. like why are the toxic people in my life more loved than i am???? is there something wrong with me?????
  5. What do you wish your old friend knew before you people broke up or spread?
  6. Hiii Wamna know about the healthy and unhealthy phases of each enneagram number.
  7. A close friend began acting distant, if not resentful, towards me, a few months ago. An insult, eye rolls, the silent treatment ensued, and I kept my distance for a few weeks for things to mellow. Just as we begin to act somewhat normal again—texting, joking—she asks for my help: she needs an invitation embedded into an email (aka, composing an email, and dragging the image into the body). The invitation was for a party I AM NOT invited to, that she is hosting! She profusely thanked me for my help (though I’m sure anyone else with basic computer skills could have assisted with the task, like her husband!), and didn’t say another word. It’s too psychopathic for me to understand intentionally hurting someone—especially a FRIEND—so maliciously. I did not give her any reaction, because I believe she was provoking, but she does know I’m mad as hell based on my ignoring her (unlike me) & body language a few days later. She cowered away. Is a “friend” like her even deserving of my piece of mind? Or a discussion? It feels so toxic!
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