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Dealing with Sexortion, Doxing, Exposing


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Heey everyone,

I wanna share my story about Sexortion, Doxing and Exposing.

I know that a lot of people have to deal with this, me also, I’ve been a victim of exposing.

And i’m proud of it 😎


Yes, let me take you in my thoughts 💭 

Sending naked pictures to people is a fun thing to do, everyday more then 1000+ naked pictures will be send or spread around the internet. And i think way more then just 1000.

Maybe you take them because you like to show yourself to others or wanna have fun online with other people.

That’s very normal, don’t blame yourself for that. 
We life in 2023, online sexting is almost so normal as going to school. 

The bad thing about sexting is that there are people (like always in this world) that wanna abuse that.

They trace you’re address, name, work, school, friends, to BLACKMAIL you for money or more pictures.

And if you don’t do that, they will expose you to the world. (They say) 

Best thing to do? Block & remove them everywhere, if you do that, they don’t control you anymore. The change they release your pictures is smaller if they can’t contact you anymore.

The aftermath of exposing is mentally very difficult and hard, i know everything about it, trust me, i still going to some hard times.

So how can you deal with it?

First of all take steps to stop this exposing, create new social media accounts, take a new phone number. 
Just do everything that people can’t find you easily anymore. VERY, VERY important!

The best online advice they give you is “Talk with someone about it” I’m not gonna give this advice to you.

Only talk if you want it and if you are ready for it, maybe after a couple of months?

Every situation is also different, sometimes you can’t avoid to talk about this, or you really wanna talk about this with someone, then please talk with someone.

The first weeks / months are the hardest, the inside thoughts in your head are really difficult to deal with. 

But you can deal with it, trust me 💪

After all.. constantly thinking about this, is completely useless, you only create more bad thoughts in your head.

We can’t change the past, what happend is happend, this maybe sounds really stupid and easy, but it it’s the truth.

Reset yourself, and i know this is very hard, but it will help. Reset your thoughts..

Go take a walk outside, watch a movie, go shopping with your friends, play a online game, watch YouTube.

Read a book, go to the store and buy everything you like.

See all this as a lesson, that you can teach or share to your kids in the future. 
Your family will never let you down because a couple pictures.. they only will support & help you.

Your friends? If these “friends” are now no longer you friends, they never where your friends and they are a waist of time :)

A true friend will support you no matter what.

The world and life still have so many beautiful moments, we don’t life forever, one day it will end for us all.

So please don’t let people ruin your life because there a some nude pictures off you. 
After all.. we all are born naked?

Be strong, be happy, and time will heal you ❤️🩹

And keep in mind: A lot of people have to deal with this, we are here for each other.


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Hi @R0binn, I can see that you are new to Ditch the Label and I wanted to say a huge big welcome!! It's great to have you here 😀. I'm Aurora and I am one of the support mentors here. Please feel free to reach out if there is anything you want help or support with. You can also get confidential support if you prefer. For this just click on the confidential support tab at the top of the page. 

I also wanted to say a big thank you for your post. I can imagine that this will be really helpful for a lot of people using this community. Like you said, there are so many dealing with blackmail and sextortion and it's good to hear about your experience.  It sounds to me like this experience has made you stronger and I like how you're proud of what happened. Thank you for sharing what helped you get through this and being there for others. 

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