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Choosing an enby name


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Hey everyone!

I'm non-binary (genderfluid), and I am thinking about changing my name, because it's a very "feminine" name, at least in my country. I can't change it to a name of my language, because we don't have gender neutral names (sadly, i even checked lists and e.t.c.), so I will probably use a foreign name anyways.

Does anyone have any cool name ideas, or any tip to find a good name that fits you?

Note: in my country, it is not currently possible to officialy change  ones name, only  if you are trans MTF or FTM; so the name I would choose wouldn't be "eternal", it will only be used by my friends and close people.

Have a nice day ^^

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I came out as enby last year to my friends and had a list of names i had considered changing to - These names included characters who i loved (mainly male names) or just names that i had heard and liked the sound of. 

Names i didn't use included:

- August 

- Casey 

- Kai 

It can be difficult to find the right name but having a list really helped me and i would say each one out loud to myself until one of them started to feel right, and then i asked friends to use that name for me and instantly it was a wonderful feeling! 


I hope you find your name soon! ❤️ 

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here are some names from some Non-Binary people I know go by: Rocco, Alex, Fern, and Newt

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