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I am being threatened that my nudes will be leaked.


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Hello, hope everyone reading this is fine.

Recently, I had been scammed on Google Hangouts, where my video of me masturbating myself had been screen-recorded without my knowledge. As a result, I am being threatened that my nudes will be leaked to my followers on instagram, as the person has showed me my whole list of followers. The person asked me to pay them 150 USD in order for the video to be deleted. Once i payed that amount, they yesterday asked for money, 250 USD which is way out of something I can arrange. I am really scared and I dont know what to do, please advice me.
Should I just let them do it, taking it to police wouldnt be much help either i guess.

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

Hi @ozzy , I'm so sorry this has happened to you. It is a complete violation of your trust and privacy and I can completely understand how upsetting this must be.

This is illegal in many countries across the world but I'm going to send you a private message to ask you some more information so we can help you better. I will also delete the same question posted in the welcome section.

Please check your  messages shortly.  



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Hey @ozzy

I just wanted to check in and see how things are going? Has anything else happened? I hope things are better now. We can still help you with this and just let us know if you would like to chat more. Take care. 


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