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I deactivated my social media accounts for almost two weeks now and the only way to reach me now is via WhatsApp. I have a friend and we consider each other as brothers from another mother and we are so close to each other. We talk on an almost regular basis about a variety of topics. I just felt anxious when two days ago, he stopped replying to my WhatsApp messages. He did not block me but it seemed like he uninstalled WhatsApp from his phone. Our last conversation was very good. I just did not know if I had offended him since I reminded and showed him the photo of his ex-girlfriend which I thought was just fine. considering that it was him who initiated the topic. Could there be any other reasons as to why he suddenly stopped responding to my messages? Is he avoiding me because I am becoming a toxic bro to him?

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  • Ditch the Label Staff

Hi @vincent1996  I know confusing this can be to navigate. Had you noticed any changes leading up to this? How would you feel about texting / calling him to talk about it? It could be a simple as he's uninstalled WhatsApp, much like you came off social media. If you speak regularly and clearly value this friendship it's definitely worth trying to have a chat. It might be a simple misunderstanding or even unconnected to you. How does that sound?


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